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Greenhouse Shading projects

Thorndown’s revolutionary Peelable Glass Paint has changed the world of greenhouse shading. No longer does it have to be a horrible, awkward job or done for purely practical purposes. Now painting on greenhouse shading can be fun, easy and beautiful.

Peelable Glass Paint is available in a 150ml or 750ml tin and a 450ml tin, perfect for the majority of garden greenhouses. Paint on to internal or external window panes and at the end of the season, just pick at a corner and peel off in a whole sheet! You can choose from 24 opaque and 14 translucent colours or select any of the 1800 RAL Classic or Design colours.

This paint creates a durable coating that can be applied to any shiny surface including acrylic and polycarbonate greenhouse glazing. Below are projects and videos showing you tips and advice on how to use Peelable Glass Paint for greenhouse shading.