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Colour choice is personal. Depth and longevity are what makes a good idea the right choice. We can help you make the right paint colour choice.


We use 16 different strong, architectural exterior-grade VOC free colour pigment blends to create our stunning paints. These brilliant quality paint colour pigments stay bright and true for many years. READ MORE . . .


Our core colour chart consists of carefully selected paint colours that include top favourites, complimentary and building block colours to easily enable you to mix colours together and create your own unique & beautiful shades. The Somerset Heritage Colour Collection is a palette brimming with natural tones from off-whites, stones, blues and greens, to compliment the core colour chart. READ MORE . . .


Or choose from over 1800 RAL shades. View RAL Classic or RAL Design then let us know what paint colour you’d like and we’ll make it to the exact RAL specification with our colour mixing machine. Minimum order size is 750ml. READ MORE . . .

NCS, BS and Pantone C

We can also accurately create 2050 NCS colours and 434 British Standard BS318C BS4800 BS5252F and Pantone C colours, so there are thousands of colours available to you!

Please contact the factory on or 01458 258588 to place an order.


Can’t find the exact colour you want? Then make your own. All the paint colours will easily mix together. Try just a little at first to get the desired colour and be sure to make note of the ratios you’re mixing. You can also mix colours with UV Clear to make a more transparent paint out of any colour. READ MORE . . .


If you need some inspiration or want to look at colour trends, head over to our Best Selling Colours page where we review the top selling colours in all pack sizes across the Wood Paint and Peelable Glass Paint ranges.