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Sponsoring TV Carpenter

Thorndown Sponsor Wayne Perrey’s TV Carpenter Podcast

DIY can seem like a mystic art sometimes and what appears to be a simple job can tie you in knots. Wayne Perrey’s DIY podcast series TV Carpenter is set to demystify many tasks with a catalogue of brilliantly simple advice and great tips from the trade.

He also inspires and entertains with interviews including some of the biggest names in Interior Design and Garden Design, where you can pick up some brilliant tips and tricks. Listen to this weekly podcast series at


Wayne Perrey, the TV Carpenter was back presenting on the main stage at the 2024 Ideal Home Show in London, where he recorded interviews with more fabulous guests from the homes and interiors worlds for his ‘TV Carpenter’ podcast (sponsored by yours truly!) in front of a live audience. 

Emily Wheeler ‘Furnishing Futures’

His first interview was with Emily Wheeler, CEO and charity founder of ‘Furnishing Futures’. This inspirational and much needed charity furnishes homes for women and families escaping domestic abuse.

When survivors are rehomed to social housing, these spaces are totally empty with no flooring, furniture, white goods or even crockery and cutlery. People with no money who cannot afford to furnish an empty home have no beds to sleep on or means of cooking or washing clothes. So Emily, with a background in social care, interior design, and interiors journalism and styling, works with brands who donate their ex-showroom, seconds and returned goods which are then used to furnish homes or sold to generate money to support the charity and their work.

This is a fascinating and inspirational interview highlighting a huge problem in the care system, and explains how they create safe spaces for people to live in with interiors designed to be free of traumatising triggers.

You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website to find out more and see how you can help.

Rob Nezard from UK Radiators

Who knew that radiators could be so interesting? Rob from UK Radiators brilliantly explains the essentials you need to know when changing radiators, planning instals, or changing your heating system, especially from a gas boiler to heat exchange pump which work at a far lower temperature.

He gives away some great tips on how to save money and make your heating system work more efficiently from simple home jobs like bleeding radiators, to balancing a system that can often require a trained heating engineer to get it right. If you have an A rated gas boiler then he recommends installing a weather compensation control that can save up to 40% annually!

Karen Haller, Colour Expert

Karen returns to The TV Carpenter for another fascinating chat about colour and how it influences how we think, feel and behave. Her book ‘The Little Book of Colour’ is a must have and is full of incredible facts from the science of colour and how and why we see colour to why and how colours can make us feel a certain way, culminating in a guide to how to use colours within your home.

She explains how the 3 cones in our eyes are separated into R, G and B, creating colour through wavelengths of light. We all see colours slightly differently depending on how our 3 cones work and how light is behaving at that specific time.

You can find out about the wonderful world of colour, her courses and book by visiting her Behavioural Design Consultancy website.


The TV Carpenter Podcast returned for Season 8 on Friday 10th March 2023 with many more episodes to entertain and educate.

Wayne Perrey appeared again as a trade on the hit BBC1 series ‘Interior Design Masters’ so shared behind the scenes stories, along with interviews with some amazing guests as detailed below.

In celebration of the ‘Interior Design Masters’ the first episode of season 8 was a repeat of his interview with the legend that is Jonathan Adler, guest judge on the first episode of the TV series. 

The second episode featured Instagram sensations Dean and Borja from my Tiny Estate and stars of the TV series “Saving the Manor”. 

Wayne also recorded live interviews at the Ideal Home Show in London, beginning with the inspirational architect James Furzer of JFD Architecture, then TV presenters and property experts Scarlette & Stuart Douglas, Karen Walker, Editor of Good Homes Magazine, Architect and Feng Shui expert Cliff Tan, Interior Designers Fran Lee and Amy Davies, runners up on series 3 of Interior Design Masters TV show, and Stylist, Interiors Expert, and author of “Interior Design Masters” book, Joanna Thornhill. Garden Designer, Presenter and Horticulturalist, Mark Lane, joined Wayne for a fascinating chat about his journey from editor to garden designer and TV presenter. Lanzarote Interior Designer Sophie Brown shared her story from star academic to home stylist and interior designer, to the specific challenges faced by life on an island where pretty much everything has to be imported.

Throughout the season Wayne asked guests for their favourite colour from the Thorndown Wood Paint colour chart. Last season the guests came out with fascinating reasons as to why they chose their colour, some of whom couldn’t pick just one, and this season was the same!

You can keep up to date on everything TV Carpenter related on Wayne Perrey’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and follow Thorndown’s Facebook and Instagram so you’ll never miss our news. For more detailed reviews of each episode and the colours the guests chose, visit our Blog on Season 8 and you can listen to missed episodes by clicking on the guests links. 


Season 7, began in March 2022, along with the return of BBC1’s hit series “Interior Design Masters” which started on Wednesday 9th March with Michelle Ogundehin and Alan Carr. As with previous series Wayne interviewed contestants and judges in this brilliant show, and also recorded live podcast interviews on stage at the Ideal Home Show in London’s Olympia from 11th – 27th March.

The first episode featured Biophillic Interior Designer, Oliver Heath, discussing how to make a space good for mental health and look great.

Throughout the season Wayne is asking guests to select the colour(s) from the Thorndown Wood Paint colour chart that they are drawn to, which has provoked some fascinating discussion and interesting choices.

In the second episode to go out, Wayne spoke to the gorgeous and very talented Jacqui Joseph, queen of daytime makeover shows and presenter on “BBC Morning Live”, “Homes Under the Hammer” and “Money For Nothing”. 

Jacqui chose Cavepool Grey as she is drawn to mid-century heritage colours, saying she loved it and it “looks like luxury”. 

Episode 3 starred the rather epic interior designer Guy Oliver who has designed staterooms in No 10 Downing Street, private homes, planes and yachts, luxury hotels, and was recently a guest judge in the hotels episode of “Interior Design Masters”.  In his spare time he is also a philanthropist, helping to support and preserve heritage trades and arts globally. A fascinating interview that Wayne recorded live at The Ideal Home Show.

Guy chose Reed Green, Greylake, Rock Rose and Dulcote Stone from the Wood Paint colour chart as they look “timeless”.

Interior Designer Oliver Thornton was the live guest for episode 4, sharing his journey from drama to design as he moved from a successful acting career in the UK to setting up a design practice in New York. I loved this interview and felt enriched listening to it. His passion for heritage design led him to choose Bishop Blue and Yew Green as his favourite Thorndown Wood Paint colours.

He described Bishop Blue as a ‘classic heritage colour’ and Yew Green as a ‘very handsome colour’, saying they  had “the feeling of the country house but in a contemporary setting”.

TV presenter and paediatric A&E doctor, Dr Ranj, joined Wayne live on stage at The Ideal Home Show, for a fascinating and fun interview with one of the sunniest and warmest people on-screen. 

When chatting about Thorndown paint colours Dr Ranj said he was going through a neutrals and warm grey phase, so he selected Dormouse Grey, saying it was a “neutral without being magnolia”, and a  “bit more slick, cool and urban”. He coupled it with Cavepool Grey as a contrast colour for furniture saying he would add gold handles and features, and that it was “beautiful, absolutely stunning”, “warm but neutral and very modern”.

The very entertaining Michael Perry, known as Mr Plant Geek, joined Wayne for another live interview at the Ideal Home Show. He chatted about his career and how he inadvertently became the TV spokesperson for Thompson & Morgan when media attention grew due to their innovative grafting of plants, creating ‘egg & chips’ plant from an aubergine and potato. He is now a well known TV presenter, podcaster, and supplier of plants, naked calendars and naughty t-shirts!

When considering his favourite Thorndown Wood Paint colours, Michael had an area of his garden and garage in mind, choosing Foxwhelp Red and Squirrel Blue.

Sustainable Interior Designer Lynne Lambourne, joined Wayne for a live interview on stage at the Ideal Home Show, talking about her love for the environment and design. Lynne is an inspirational woman who is passionate about the environment, up cycling, recycling, re-using and re-purposing. She is a sustainability ambassador for brands and recently went back as a mature student to get a degree in Sustainability from Cambridge University.

Lynne ended up picking four colours from the Thorndown Wood Paint Colour chart, firstly selecting Yew Green saying, “green in interiors is really big now” and that it connected with “back to nature, so love that green”. She also chose Blackdown as she loves black for furniture, but then also picked Cavepool Grey and Bishop Blue. We’re delighted that someone who shares our passion for the environment connected so well with our colours!

The incredibly talented and effortlessly chic Michelle Ogundehin interview took place on stage with Wayne at the Ideal Home Show. Michelle is head judge on Interior Design Masters bringing her experience, insight and advice to contestants in a warm and nurturing manner, introducing them to a wealth of talent with guest judges, and helping them to develop their skills and confidence.

When choosing her favourite Thorndown Wood Paint colours she said that she loved colours that are knocked back with a little bit of grey as she finds them really relaxing. Michelle chose Rock Rose and Reed Green saying that she though the two of them together are really beautiful.

Winner of series 3 of Interior Design Masters, the adorably effervescent Banjo whose natural talent and design flair saw him impress all with his creations, joined Wayne for a charming and fun interview.

When asked to choose his favourite Thorndown Wood Paint colour he said “I instantly love Mudgley Mustard”, being drawn to mustards as a deep but vibrant and happy colour. He said mustard is a perfect mix of happy and earthy and “that’s a particularly lovely mustard”!

Interior Design Master contestant and luxcycler Abi Ann Davis gave a sparkly and effervescent interview about her experience on the show, leading up to it and what she’s up to now.

When Wayne asked her to choose her Thorndown Wood Paint colour, Abi said that she loves “a good eco paint” and was “drawn to Purple Orchid” a “really light dusty lilac”. We love that colour too 💜

The Dark Lord, Dean Powell, chatted to Wayne about his time on Interior Design Masters and how he nearly didn’t send in his application, and how much he learnt about interior design on the show.  He experimented with black in his house, fine tuning how to make black really work on interior spaces, and how to make it a dramatic background that helps give more volume to accent and accompanying colours. 

Of course Dean chose Blackdown from the Thorndown Wood Paint colour chart and we think he’d really like it as it’s very rich in black pigment, giving you an instant opaque coating that is deep, rich and beautiful with a soft and warming sheen.

Lovely Fran Lee from Interior Design Masters joined Wayne for a chat about her experience on the show, and when asked about her favourite colour from the Thorndown Wood Paint range, she chose Foxwhelp Red and we loved what she had to say about it.

“Foxwhelp Red is a gorgeous colour, absolutely love it; big fan of pinks anyway but this has got a slight orange tint to it and feels a little bit flamingo with ought going too flamingo-ey.” “I love it. I was kind of torn between that and Purple Divine but I think that’s probably because I’d want to put those two colours together”. “I feel like those are fashioney colours. I love it. It’s really fun”. 💕

Interior Design Masters Finalist Amy Davies completed the interviews with the series contestants from the BBC show this year, just as they start ramping up for a new series. Amazing Amy is a talented designer of wallpapers, fabrics and a talented Interior Designer who created some incredible spaces with some huge challenges. In this lovely chat Amy talks about how she came to the decision to apply for the series and how it’s helped take her into a very exciting future.

Wayne asked her to pick her favourite colour from the Thorndown Wood Paint range and she said, they’re “all fantastic, it’s pretty hard to choose from actually but I’m a very green girl – so straight off I knew it would be green.” “I really enjoy the Rhyne Green, I think that’s a great one – I also really like the Wetlands Green – and Sedge Green”. Well I love green too which is one of the reasons we have so many on the colour charts, and there are always more to fall in love with.

Will Kirk, antique furniture restorer and TV presenter ends Season 7 and his interview was actually the first one recorded live at The Ideal Home Show. He talks to Wayne about his journey through art school to training in antique restoration, to being approached to be on a new TV show, The Repair Shop, which has become a huge hit over the years. 

Wayne is now working on the next series of Interior Design Masters so will be busy building for months but will be back with more brilliant interviews in Season 8 next year!

Thorndown TV Carpenter Podcast Sesaon 7 Colour Collection Wood Paint


Season 6 began on Friday 5th February 2021 to coincide with the beginning of the last series of ‘Interior Design Masters’ on BBC 2. Wayne interviewed contestants, discussing the show and giving behind the scenes anecdotes on a series that was pretty amazing.

He also interviewed celebrity florist Simon Lycett whose displays have adorned Royal weddings. Architect and TV presenter Laura Jane Clark and top stylist Lucy Gough also chatted with Wayne in another couple of great interviews.

Wayne also announced winners of the Paint Colour Drop Giveaway competition, giving away clues to help listeners guess the colour.


Season 5 began on Friday 16th October 2020 with the legendary Alan Titchmarsh MBE, gardener, garden designer, TV presenter, author, journalist, and generally amazing man loved by the nation and beyond!

Wayne interviewed an amazing selection of guests taking us up to Christmas, including Linda Boronkay, designer of Soho house world wide, and Karen Haller, writer and award winning colour psychologist, author, blogger, interior stylist and set designer Emily Henson, artist Carol from the fab design company Max Made Me Do It, wallpaper designer Hazel Carruthers from Avalana Designs, luxury African textiles designer Eva Sonaike and Estelle Bilson from 70s House Manchester whose Instagram images take all us 70’s kids straight back to our childhoods.


A super-stellar list of guests appeared on Season 4 including Michelle Ogundehin Head Judge on ‘Interior Design Masters’, renowned flower producer Sarah Raven, USA Designer Jonathan Adler, 2LG Studio, Dan Hopwood (Judge on Great Interior Design Challenge for 4 years), Katie Rushworth (presenter of Love your Garden), Kate from Loud Architects (Award winning London architect), Shelina Jokhiya from De-cluttrme, award-winning Interior Designer and Blogger Christian Bense, Ross and Chris from The Curious Department, TV’s lady builder Sian Astleyand Ethan Walderman, author of Tiny House Living in USA.


On Friday 20th March 2020 Season 3 began with an interview with renowned Maximalist artist and designer, Lucy Tiffney. This was followed on Sunday 22nd March with the TV Carpenter Podcast being listed in the Top 5 Interiors Podcasts in the Sunday Times Homes supplement!! It’s great to see Wayne and his podcast being recognised for how brilliant it is and we are very happy to sponsor the series and work with such a fabulous person!

The season continued with interviews with Property Restorer (Man with a Hammer) Greg Penn, Interior Designer and founder of charity initiative Design Havens for HeroesFrancesca Rowan Plowden, Interior Designer Sophie Robinson, Designer & TV Presenter Max McMurdoKate Watson-Smth from Mad About the House,  TV Garden Producer Thea PitcherChris Billinghurst, the director and creator of ‘House Of Upcycling’, award winning interior designer Bhavin TaylorArthur Parkinson, author of the successful small space gardening book ‘The Pottery Gardener’, kids interior designer Medina King, and Jane Perrone, award winning indoor house plant specialist and Podcaster “On The Ledge”. A collection of inspirational wonders!


Season 2 kicked off with Interior Design Masters winner Cassie Nicholas, runner-up Frank and semi-finalist Ju Depaula. Wayne also chats to Edward Robinson, Interior Designer and Presenter of ‘Cowboy Builders’. His credits also include being the design producer behind hit shows ‘Interior Design Masters’ and  ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ for BBC and Netflix.

Interviews with Love Your Garden’s Katie Rushworth and the legendary Alan Titchmarsh are to come! And Wayne will be recording live Podcast interviews at The Ideal Home Show in London with an amazing line-up.


Episode 1 of season 1 features Interior Stylist Gemma Gear who chats to Wayne about the new BBC/Netflix series “Interior Design Masters” that they both worked on. Gemma also imparts tips on styling and future colour trends whilst Wayne finishes the episode with some brilliant guidelines and tips on hanging pictures.

Wayne has interviewed a stellar list of fascinating people from designers Kate Savill, Tamara Bridge, emery’s from Spark and Bell, Reena from Hygge Home, Lynne Lambourne, and 2LG Studio, to property expert Amanda Lamb, a Japanese Knotweed specialist, colour psychologist Anna Jacobs, The Skinny Jean Gardener, and the ever-so lovely Frances Tophill who appears on Gardeners World and Love Your Garden.

Ben (Thorndown’s Managing Director), first met Wayne in 2018 when helping out on an episode of ITV1’s “Love Your Garden” TV series.

We were supplying Wood Paint for a garden build that had so much painting to do that Ben jumped into his painting clothes, grabbed a brush and headed on down to help.

I had the pleasure of meeting him during the 2019 series of “Love Your Garden” when I took a delivery of paint over to one of their builds and stayed for 2 days to help with the huge task of painting that they faced in that garden.

Wayne Perrey has been a specialist carpenter for 10 years, designing, crafting and building bespoke furniture for private clients. In addition to this the multi-talented man has also built furniture and sets for numerous TV shows including “Tattoo Fixers”, “Celebrity Big Brother”, “The Great Interior Design Challenge”, 60 minute makeover with Peter Andre on “This Morning”, “The Autistic Gardener” and of course, “Love Your Garden”.

This talented man has an infectious personality and a huge passion for DIY and imparting his knowledge to others. With DIY expert and friend Steph Bron, he also has a company called “The DIY Doers” that publish E-books, offer online courses, and share their knowledge via their Facebook page. They also write for The Sunday Times Home Magazine, do DIY tutorials on TV show ‘Crafty beggars in the house’, talks on the main stage of the Ideal Home Show, and have just finished filming the new BBC daytime show “Getting the Builders In”.

In his quest to make us all confident ‘DIY Doers’ he is starting a podcast series full of simple tips and tricks, interviews with interior designers, garden designers, directors, producers and other special guests.

There aren’t many people as experienced and well-placed to offer their teachings as Wayne. This will be the first UK based DIY podcast series and having listened to his first episode, I’m hooked already.

The TV Carpenter Podcast series started on Friday 16th August, 2 days after the launch of the new BBC/Netflix show“Interior Design Masters”, presented by Fearne Cotton. New episodes of TV Carpenter are available every Friday and you can also see Wayne sporting his bright orange t-shirt on the new series of “Love Your Garden” that will be on ITV1 from 28th August.

We are really happy to be sponsoring Wayne’s podcast series and will be tuning in and breaking out our tool boxes.

Listen in at and like so you don’t miss any episodes!

To celebrate this great new podcast series we are offering a 15% discount for Wayne Perrey TV Carpenter Podcast listeners. Enter code TVCarpenter into the Apply Code section in your basket.