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Paint Colour Charts

Core Colours

Our core paint colour charts consist of carefully selected colours that include top favourites, complimentary and building block colours to easily enable you to mix paint colours together and create your own unique & beautiful shades.

Wood Paint Colour Chart

The Thorndown Wood Paint colour chart was carefully designed and constructed drawing inspiration from the Thorndown brand colour wheel, primary colours to provide the building blocks to easily mix colours to create your own, blended with a selection of unique and attractive shades to fit beautifully within home and garden designs.

Nature and the world around us are also a great inspiration, which is reflected in the names given to all of our wood paint colours. This ranges from the names of stone used from local quarries in the construction of iconic Somerset buildings such as the Doulting Stone used in the construction of a large part of Wells Cathedral including the West Front and Nave, to names of native wild flowers and wildlife including the beautifully delicate Green Hairstreak butterfly and Cheddar Pink wild flowers that are found in the rich bio-diversity of the Mendips and Somerset.

The Somerset Heritage Colour Collection also draws inspiration from the countryside around the factory where Thorndown paints are made. These are a collection of beautiful natural heritage tones that compliment the original wood paint colour chart.

Peelable Glass Paint Colour Chart

Heritage shading colours have been replicated from the wood paint colour chart so that shading on your greenhouse, conservatory, orangery, can match the Thorndown Wood Paint colour painted on the joinery of these spaces. All of the creams, white & off-whites, blues, greens and greys can be found in this section and can add beautifully sophisticated shading or security panels to window panes and glass doors. These attractive colours are also perfect for decoration whether it be stencils on a greenhouse or home windows, or creating a unique piece of art.

In order to create the Arts & Crafts colour range, we worked with leading UK stained glass material supplier, Creative Glass Guild based in Bristol. All of the core primary colours are reflected with essential shades for stained glass art, making it easy to create whatever you desire and mix colours together to create endless shades.

Colour Charts

Colour swatches on our paint colour charts have been painstakingly colour corrected so that the printed colour matches the painted colour as closely as possible. However, it is impossible to precisely match the colours for many reasons.

  1. our paints are created with 16 colours whereas printers use CMYK, a four colour print system that will never be able to precisely re-create colours created with a 16 colour system
  2. hue and shade of colours are affected by the substrate they’re painted on. A paint colour can look different when painted on softwood, hardwood, old wood, or metal. Printing ink colour on paper will not be able to precisely duplicate the same as paint colour on wood or glass
  3. colours look different depending on lighting. A colour can look totally different on a dark cloudy day than on a bright sunny day. Paint a colour on a shed that sits snugly in a dark corner at the bottom of the garden, and it will appear different if it were close up in a sunny open position
  4. other colours can also affect the hue, for instance if you paint a wall white next to a block of green, it will pick up a green reflected hue
  5. also don’t forget that viewing a colour on a small surface area will be different to seeing it painted up on a large space. What appears to be a subtle colour can appear quite striking when painted up on a huge wall

We would always recommend trying a sample pot at home and in the area or on the object that you want to paint. Sample tins are available to buy as a size option in the shop.

Download these pdf files of our colour charts or contact us via email or call us on 0800 023 5654 or 01458 258588 to request a chart to be sent to you.