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Brilliant Colours

Brilliant Colours

We use 16 different strong, architectural exterior-grade VOC free colour pigment blends to create our stunning paints.

These brilliant quality colour pigments stay bright and true for many years. They are designed to fade uniformly so you won’t get the same problems you get with cheaper paints and stains where poor quality pigments drop out really quickly, totally changing the original colour. Cheap yellow pigments are especially renowned for fading quickly, which is why we only use the best!

Strength in Numbers

Strength of colour pigments is measured in a system called the Blue Wool Scale, which measures and and calibrates the permanence of colour dyes. A rating between 0 and 8 is awarded with zero being the lowest performing and 8 the highest, as the colour is deemed not to have altered from the original and thus credited as being lightfast and permanent.

All of the colours we use score the highest of 8 with only one scoring a 7. If used as a tint they still all score 8 with only one being 7-8 and another 6-7.


The colour pigments we use also score highly in weather resistance tests. Weather resistance is measured on a five step grey scale, where 1 = very poor weather resistance , 5 = excellent weather resistance. All of the colour pigments we use score a 5 with one scoring 4-5 and another 4. Even when used as a tine they still score either 5 or 4-5 with only one being 3-4.

In addition to this, the majority of our paint colours are created using white pigments that absorb UV, thus protecting the colour pigments.

The resins we use are also of the highest quality and are put into our paints at a high level to ensure optimum performance of our paints. These resins also have excellent UV resistance and exceptional UV stability, acting as a UV blocker or filter that offers even more protection to the colour pigments.

We don’t compromise on strength or quality so you get stunning, high-performing eco paints!!

Core Colours

Our core colour charts consists of carefully selected colours that include top favourites, complimentary and building block colours to easily enable you to mix colours together and create your own unique & beautiful shades.