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Colour Disclaimer

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and so is colour.

We all see and interpret colour slightly differently to each other, as do our computer/phone/tablet screens, graphics software and printers that we use.

The colour swatches you see on screen and on a printed colour chart are designed as a guide. The exact and final colour/hue that you see painted up at home will look slightly different depending on the material you paint it onto and the lighting. Although the paint colour will be exactly the same, the colour you see can be affected by light absorption or reflection of surfaces.

For example, the hue of a colour painted onto new smooth timber can look slightly different if painted on rough sawn timber, as rough sawn timber absorbs more light giving less of a sheen so it can look more matt and darker. If you paint up a wooden planter the colour can look different depending on the lighting and where you put it in the garden.

We always recommend trying a small sample tin of paint at home, where it’s going to end up.

Our colours are made precisely using a technically engineered colour system ensuring continuity of colour throughout batches. However, as with all paints it is good practice to make sure the final paint coating all comes out of the same paint tin.


Many colours are replicated throughout and across the paint ranges so that you can paint the same beautiful colours on your walls, windows and woodwork. Although they have been carefully created so that all colours are the same, there may be slight variations between the paint ranges, as the different finishes can create a slightly different hue.

For instance, Wood Paint has a satin finish so the soft sheen makes light reflect differently than with the flat matt finish of Wall Paint, where sometimes colours can appear a little darker. Peelable Glass Paint is made entirely from the 100% recycled plastics resin that we use throughout our paint ranges and this unique paint can also affect the colour you see with the way the light reacts to the sheen of the coating, especially as light will be passing through the coloured coating on windows.


Colour swatches on our paint colour charts have been painstakingly colour corrected so that the printed colour matches the painted colour as closely as possible. However, it is impossible to precisely match the colours for many reasons.

  1. our paints are created with 16 colours whereas printers use CMYK, a four colour print system that will never be able to precisely re-create colours created with a 16 colour system
  2. hue and shade of colours are affected by the substrate they’re painted on. A paint colour can look different when painted on softwood, hardwood, old wood, or metal, glass, plastic, and walls. Printing ink colour on paper will not be able to precisely duplicate the same as paint colour on wood, walls or glass
  3. colours look different depending on lighting. A colour can look totally different on a dark cloudy day than on a bright sunny day. Paint a colour on a shed that sits snugly in a dark corner at the bottom of the garden, and it will appear different if it were close up in a sunny open position
  4. other colours can also affect the hue, for instance if you paint a wall white next to a block of green, it will pick up a green reflected hue
  5. also don’t forget that viewing a colour on a small surface area will be different to seeing it painted up on a large space. What appears to be a subtle colour can appear quite striking when painted up on a huge wall

Whilst we also try to accurately represent our colours on screen, computers, monitors and monitor settings, and VDU screens alter the colour you see.

We would always recommend trying a sample pot at home and in the area or on the object that you want to paint. Sample tins are available to buy as a size option in the shop.

For the Wood Paint range we have small painted softwood blocks available to buy as a cheaper option to paint sample tins, and Wall Paint colour charts with painted chips of all wall colours are available on request by contacting the office.


Our products are sent out in good faith and occasionally goods are misrouted, lost in transit or may be subject to delays beyond our control. If the contents of your parcel are for installation on site, we do not recommend you schedule any work or book any contractors until you have received and checked the goods. We cannot be held responsible or be liable for any losses, damages, charges, compensation or expenses as a result of any delay in delivery. Please note that we reserve the right to apply additional delivery charges on orders that are heavy, long or being delivered to an offshore address. We will contact you on receipt of your order if any additional charges apply prior to the order being dispatched.