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Product Information




Thorndown Wall Paint is a stunning high-performance eco paint with minimal VOC and low odour for indoor use.

Beautiful deep colours crafted with strong exterior-grade VOC free colour pigments that sit in a water-based durable and dirt resistant coating. Designed using sustainable, recycled and recyclable raw materials where possible. For use on any walls, anywhere.

This paint has been developed to be the best interior wall paint on the market, tested and proven to be many times tougher than the competition.

With architectural exterior-grade colour pigments that perform at the highest levels in tests, the paint colours stay strong and true for many, many years.

  • Stunning, carefully crafted high performance Eco paint – water-based eco product with low odour and minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) at 0.28%
  • Sustainable fillers from recycled waste marble and resin from recycled car windscreens
  • One wall paint product for any interior application; living rooms, nursery, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, porches, and ceilings.
  • Adheres well to metal and wood so paint on radiators, doors, frames, wood trims and furniture for a matt finish
  • Deep velvety Flat Matt durable finish <3% Gloss
  • Minimum of prep required and can be easily painted on previously coated surfaces
  • Water resistant, micro-porous coating (allows wall to breathe)
  • 2 coats recommended for full coverage, with a 3rd deepening and increasing opacity of lighter shades. May require more depending on substrate and colour change from previous coating
  • Can dilute for a mist/primer coat. Dilute paint by approximately 30% water increasing to 40% water in hot, dry conditions.
  • Very strong bond with walls but also coats wood, metal, stone, terracotta. Specific primers may be required for certain surfaces
  • Strong, deep, long-lasting external grade colour pigments with high resistance to UV degradation & colour fade
  • Great core colour range – 56 colours in the Wall Paint Colour Collection
  • 1800 RAL Classic and RAL Design colours, 2050 NCS colours and 434 British Standard BS318C BS4800 BS5252F and Pantone C colours also available
  • Mix colours together easily to create bespoke shades
  • Can be used on exterior woodwork such as doors and window frames, and garden timber products from summerhouses and sheds to arbours. Although Thorndown Wall Paint is a high performance paint it’s not as durable as our Wood Paint which is specifically engineered for exterior use. The flat matt finish of the Wall Paint makes it easier for algae and dirt to stick to the coating (whereas on a satin sheen coating it tends to slide off) so it will require cleaning and maintenance on a more regular basis

Application Guide

What you’ll need

Brush (good quality synthetic brush gives the best results), roller (small or medium nap ‘hairy’ roller rather than foam), or sprayer (HVLP); also caulk or filler and sandpaper if needed to fill gaps and holes, and stain blocking primer to block resin bleeds and tannin stains applying paint to susceptible wood surfaces. 


Make sure all surfaces are sound, clean and dry. If required fill and sand to a flat surface.

Remove any grease or oils with a soap solution or something like sugar soap for stubborn areas.

Flaking paint and rust should be removed prior to painting. Porous surfaces or fresh plaster should be sealed first with a diluted ‘mist’ coat, making sure plaster is thoroughly dry before application, otherwise use paint straight from the tin.

If painting onto wood surfaces that may be prone to resin bleed or tannins coming out of the timber, apply 1 or 2 coats of Stain Blocking Primer before painting to avoid paint coatings becoming stained.

Wear appropriate clothing when handling paint as it will stain clothes. 


For a mist/primer coat, dilute paint by approximately 30% water increasing to 40% water in hot, dry conditions, otherwise use straight from the tin including in sprayers.


BEST SHAKEN & STIRRED! Mix paint thoroughly before and during. Use a good quality synthetic brush, roller, or sprayer.

When coating large areas, cover up to still-wet paint to avoid an uneven patchy coating.

Adheres well to metal radiators and interior woodwork from doors to skirting boards.


Two coats for a full, deep coating. Three coats will enhance lighter colours and increase opacity of coating.

Please note that due to the matt nature of Thorndown Wall Paint, the colour may appear slightly darker than with the satin sheen of Wood Paint in the same colour.


In fine weather, a single coat dries easily in under an hour. Drying time is extended in cold damp conditions.


Use hot or cold water, with or without detergent, on paint-wet equipment. Be very careful not to allow sprayer nozzles to dry out – this will make cleaning them almost impossible!


Paint will keep for approximately 2 years or more in a sealed tin stored out of freezing or extremely high temperatures.

Just mix well with a paint stirrer before use as the paint will have separated over the years. Using a cheap hand blender does the job very well and with no effort! 


Please, please don’t throw away unused or dried paint or preserver into drains or watercourses. Most local authorities have free facilities for disposing of paint and coatings.

All of the packaging we use is fully recyclable.

  • Box – made from FSC cardboard and fully recyclable
  • Internal packaging – loose starch fill is biodegradable and compostable. Moulded tin protectors are made from recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable
  • Tins – wash them out and they’re fully recyclable


You’ll paint UP TO 12m2 of a flat surface (one coat) with one litre. 

So each paint can will do approximately:

  • 150 ml       1.8 square meters
  • 750 ml      9.0 square meters
  • 2.5 l           30 square meters