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TV Carpenter Podcast – Season 8
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The TV Carpenter Podcast Season 8 began on Friday 10th March, to coincide with the new series of Interior Design Masterswhich started on BBC 1 at 8pm on Tuesday 7th March.

Wayne Perrey, The TV Carpenter, creator and host of the podcast, is one of the trades on Interior Design Masters, so he is able to share behind the scenes stories from the TV series, and has interviewed some contestants from the show for the podcast. As with season 7 Wayne will also be asking guests for their favourite colour(s) from the Thorndown Wood Paint colour charts and sharing their fascinating answers.

The first episode in season 8 is a repeat of the highly entertaining and fascinating interview with the incredibly talented Jonathan Adler, who was guest judge on episode 1 of Interior Design Masters. Listen to it here.

Dean and Borja from my Tiny Estate on Instagram were the second interview, and this lovable pair shared their journey to social media stardom and becoming stars of the TV series “Saving the Manor”. They fell in love with a dilapidated estate and their hugely successful Instagram account shares stunning photography of their renovation. What’s even more remarkable than their bravery to take on such a huge project is that they’ve had to teach themselves how to do everything with Borja taking on the role of head renovator while Dean concentrates on his day job as an architect.

Wayne asked them for their favourite colour from the Thorndown Wood Paint colour charts and they both selected Ottery Brown, showing just how on trend they are, saying that it is such a lovely shade of brown, and explaining how browns are taking over from greys in the interior design world. We love the soft, warm, truffle chocolate hue of Ottery Brown too.

In the first of the live records on the main stage at the Ideal Home Show in London, Wayne interviewed architect James Furzer of JFD Architecture. He’s a truly inspirational man who specialises in creating spaces that are inclusive and put the environment first. Early on in his training and career he began questioning hostile architecture and how there is so much of it hidden in plain sight, from benches that are designed to slope so that they’re uncomfortable, meaning people can’t sit on them for too long and can’t sleep on them, to designs that don’t consider trip hazards for the blind and impossible stairs for the disabled.

This is an interview not to be missed and his Thorndown Wood Paint colour selections were fascinating. James chose Cow Parsley White and Whey White saying that he found them very calming. He then went on to explain how he discusses the importance of colour choice with clients and their impact on the quality and feel of a space, saying that these two warmer whites would also work well with all of the heritage tones. He even made a special mention of the fact they are virtually VOC free and how important that is to people and the environment!

Next at the Ideal Home Show were brother and sister TV presenters and property experts, Scarlette & Stuart Douglas, and infectious pair that share fascinating stories of their professional lives and how they came to be successful TV presenters. It’s a very entertaining interview and you won’t be able to stop yourself falling a little bit in love with them. Scarlette chose our Foxwhelp Red as her favourite Thorndown colour as she loves bright colours and feels this one can accent and bring vibrancy, saying sh’ed like to use it o her kitchen units. Stuart chose Cavepool Grey, another popular colour choice, saying he found it dark, sultry and moody, and that a lot of people are afraid of using dark colours but if you’re brave and bold it would make a real statement.

Karen Walker, Editor of Good Homes Magazine,shared a fascinating insight into her career, the work of print magazines and how the role of an editor has changed radically to a modern digital world and one that encompasses a huge array of responsibilities including putting on and managing the Ideal Home Show! The interview includes some really good advice for people wanting to become an interior stylist and is a great listen. Karen chose the warm colours and sunset shades of Ginger Gold and Sundowner Orange, along with Cavepool Grey as her favourite Thorndown paint colours.

Architect, Feng Shui expert and social media hit, Cliff Tan was next up, discussing the principles of Feng Shui and how to use them in interior design, and how the application of these principles is different for the home and business environments, and how flow and energy of spaces influence how you feel about and in them. Cliff takes colour inspiration from intriguing places choosing Dulcote Stone as his favourite paint colour because it’s a natural tone, like the colour of the inside of a toilet roll, a natural material with no bleach or processed colours!

The lovely Amy Davies and Fran Lee, runners up on series 3 of Interior Design Masters joined Wayne to chat about their careers leading up to being on the TV show and what they’re up to now. Their already successful careers are now even more so with private interior design practices seeing Amy working with Alan Carr on remodelling his home and collaborations with Banjo (winner of the series), and Fran collaborating with guest judge Matthew Williamson on designing the interior of the members bar at the Design Museum. In the last season of the podcast Amy chose Rhyne Green, Wetlands Green and Sedge Green as her favourite colours, and Fran chose Foxwhelp Red and Purple Divine.

Interiors specialist, stylist and author, Joanna Thornhill. chatted to Wayne about her journey from falling in love with interiors TV shows like Changing Rooms and Property Ladder in her youth, to getting a job as a runner on Changing Rooms, her path to becoming a stylist, journalist, consultant on emerging trends and author of 4 books. Her latest on “Interior Design Masters” looks at trends and designs over all four series, with quotes from contestants and guest judges, design tips and case studies on how contestants created a space and the design ideas behind it, to practical guides on how to create your own features such as wood paneling.

Years ago Joanna used a selection of greys from Thorndown’s Wood Paint range to paint her garden office ‘shedio’, then during the pandemic felt inspired to move from a grey world into colours that inspired and invigorated, changing the exterior colour of her garden office to our Field Green. When Wayne asked Joanna for her favourite colour she chose Field Green explaining the back story and describing it as a dark, warm, rich green. She said how much she likes our paints and the way that you can see the natural grain of the wood underneath, the quality, and also commenting on how well the paint lasts.

Garden Designer, Presenter and Horticulturalist, Mark Lane, joined Wayne for a fascinating chat about his journey from editor to garden designer and TV presenter. Mark’s life radically changed following a serious car accident that injured his spine, paralysing his legs and feet. His long recovery and move to life in a wheelchair gave him the opportunity to change his career to one that has brought him a lot of happiness and seen him become a popular TV presenter after being interviewed by Monty Don at Chelsea Flower Show.

When Wayne showed Mark our colour charts he loved the colour names and was drawn to Whortleberry, Ebbor Stone and Tree Lichen being quite earthy and natural colours, but for “the flip side for a garden to really enliven me, I really love Rowan Berry Red, the Foxwhelp Red, Sundowner Orange and Purple Divine, and if you put colour like that in your garden it will put a smile on your face and lift your mood”. What a fabulous combination for a jewel like garden.

Wayne met Sophie Brown on Lanzarote when he was trying to redecorate and refurbish the family apartment and discovered that things aren’t simple on an island, so enlisted the help of Sophie, the Lanzarote Interior Designer. Brought up on Lanzarote, Sophie was a star academic who moved to London to take a degree in architecture at the age of 17 and graduated at 19. She then had a fascinating career as a photographer and stylist at Foxton’s before working with a friend styling prestigious homes for sale. Her journey saw her travelling around the world and spending time in Australia and New Zealand before popping back to Lanzarote where a brief visit saw her getting married, starting a family, and a business specialising in refurbishing holiday and residential homes with a complete service that even includes buying the bed linen, making the beds and filling kitchen cupboards with crockery and cutlery so the home is totally ready to go. She also deals with all the complexities of sourcing and importing goods and materials, juggling often huge lead times and the reality of what can be imported into the island.

Sophie chose Brue Blue and Avalon Blue from the Somerset Heritage Colour Collection saying she thought they were a beautiful colour and would match together as well, probably using them in a bedroom. She then went on to lament the lack of colour cards and how such a simple thing just isn’t available or offered on the island!


We are delighted to be sponsoring the podcast again and hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Click on the link to catch-up on previous seasons.

Wayne will be returning in 2024 with Season 9 of the TV Carpenter Podcast, with more brilliant guests and thoroughly entertaining interviews.

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