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More Murals with Thorndown Wood Paint

Glastonbury is a wonderful place to live, work and visit, not just for the Glastonbury Festival but for the incredibly vibrant town and everything it has to offer. The Glastonbury Mural Trail celebrates local artists bringing more colour and wonderful creations to the streets of the town and we are very proud to have been involved in it from the start.

Two artists that have used our wood paint for their wall murals have recently added more murals to the ever growing trail.

Frank Harwood

The fabulous Frank Harwood creates another stunning mural just off the High Street of Glastonbury on the corner wall of the Crystals shop. He has now painted three impressive murals for the trail (‘The Waving Woman’ and ‘Adam and Eve’) in the streets of Glastonbury using Thorndown Wood Paint.

His latest ‘Pink Rhino’ is inspired by a piece by the medieval Renaissance artist Durer who created the image of the rhino having never seen one, interpreting descriptions, a sketch, and folklore into a very realistic image of a rhino, bar the extra horn on the neck because in those times, rhinos were believed to be unicorns!

Faye Suzannah

You can see Faye’s work throughout Glastonbury as part of the Glastonbury Mural Trail created and curated by local artist Kim von Coels. Faye’s first piece using Thorndown Wood Paint was a beautiful and uplifting mural of sunflowers  that welcomed visitors from a car park into the High Street.

Glastonbury Town Council commissioned Faye to paint the feature wall of the main Town hall and her beautiful design and palette creates a calming atmosphere of wonder for all occasions. Her murmurations inspired mural in the trail is another gorgeous piece on the outskirts of town.

You can read more about the amazing murals on the Glastonbury Mural Trail painted with our wood paint by following this link.