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Garden Trugs

I’m slightly addicted to trugs and this obsession has been fuelled recently by Stuart at Taunton Sheds who’s been getting a bit crafty, and one of the pieces he’s been making are some fabulous wooden garden trugs.

Not only are their curvaceous forms aesthetically pleasing they’re also very practical and useful in the garden and around the home.

Posh Trugs

Everything that Taunton Sheds make and sell are all about quality and these trugs are made to the same high standards, with thick good quality softwood, cut and built beautifully.

He’s made a range of sizes and of course I have to go for the full range. The largest Stuart had painted with our Old Sage Green Wood Paint, then painted on leeks to one side and courgettes on the other. We then painted the medium trug in Old Sage Green to match then the small one in Bullrush Green.

Filled with fresh vegetables they’re an attractive and useful solution to storing veggies in the pantry.

Pretty Trugs

I also have a selection of trugs acquired over the years from garden centres, yet I can always find an excuse to buy more, mainly because there are so many pretty colours to paint them.

Painting garden trugs with Thorndown Wood Paint turns them into pretty features that look great in a shed or greenhouse, but is also a practical way of protecting them and making them last longer.

They get bashed around quite a lot, getting wet and dirty, so the protective wood paint coating makes them water-repellent and easy to clean. It takes hardly any time or paint so is a really cheap and quick project, either on new trugs or transforming old ones.

Use up old leftover wood paint or buy our 150ml sample tins for just £5.00 each.