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Create your own colours

Create Your Own Colours & Shades with Thorndown Paints

Choosing the right colour for you and your project can be really easy, or you sometimes you feel like the search is endless and you struggle to find the exact shade that you have in your mind. With Thorndown paints you have a choice of 48 Wood Paint colours and 38 Peelable Glass Paint colours in the core colour charts, or all of the RAL Classic and Design colours.

But if you want to create your own colour or shade, you can easily mix Thorndown paint colours together to get exactly what you want.

To experiment you’ll just need a clean empty pot, tin or bucket (although something with a sealable lid means you can store the paint), something to measure the liquids with, and something for stirring. Depending on the size of your mixing job you can use a measured syringe, measuring spoon or measuring jug, and don’t forget a pen and piece of paper to record your measurements and experiments in so you don’t lose track.

Use a spoon or paint stirring stick, or get a cheap hand blender to mix your paint colours like a pro.

Then just let your creativity flow!

Here only a small amount of paint was needed to paint the top of this stool so I mixed some Limestone Wood Paint in with Bishop Blue Wood Paint to lighten it and add a chalkier tone.

Above Naomi Slade created her own seagrass green using a spot of Peregrine Blue in Reed Green for the perfect shade on her garden shed. You can read more in this blog or in Garden News magazine to see how easy Naomi found it to mix the paint colours.

You can even use Thorndown Wood Paint to create stunning pieces of art such as this mural painted by Jonathan Minshull. Read all about his creation here and see it in Glastonbury at the start of the Glastonbury Mural Trail as part of Somerset Art Weeks. As a professional artist Jon is used to mixing paint colours together to create his palettes, and found mixing Thorndown paint colours together very easy, enabling him to create the perfect palette for this stunning piece of art.

Peelable Glass Paint can also be easily mixed together to create endless colour options. Linda created this stained glass modern art greenhouse by buying a selection of core colours and mixing together to get a larger palette to work with.

It certainly looks impressive and adds beauty and colour to the greenhouse and garden no matter what the season or weather.