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How to Shade a Greenhouse with Peelable Glass Paint

When summer comes, it comes on strong and without greenhouse shading the plants in our greenhouses can suffer from the strength of the sun. You can paint a coat of Peelable Glass Paint on either the inside or the outside of the greenhouse to shade your plants, and when things cool down just peel it off. No messy washing!! You can also paint attractive colours, pictures and stencils on panes making a feature out of the glass house all year round.

These water-repellent water-based paints come in 14 translucent and 24 opaque colours, giving plenty of choice to suit any planting scheme or garden design. The range is made using a 100% recycled plastics resin, has minimal VOC and is non-toxic so will not cause any harm to plants. Find out more product information and application advice by following this link to Advice – Glass Paint.

Greenhouse shading project

When the strength of the sun starts to intensify, grab a small roller (radiator rollers are perfect), a paint tray and a pot of Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint. If you haven’t already cleaned your greenhouse in early spring or winter, get out some soap and water to remove any muck from your glass panes inside and out. We would recommend using the White Witch translucent Glass Paint as this still allows some sunlight to get through. In areas of intense sunshine you can try Swan White opaque Glass Paint to block the sun out more. Or try any of the other colours from the translucent or opaque colour ranges!

Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint is water-repellent so can be painted on the outside of glass windows. This is especially useful in glass houses where large established plants can make it impossible to access glass panes from the inside. Peelable Glass Paint goes a long way and will cover up to approximately 9 square meters with one 750ml tin. There is also a handy 450ml tin that covers approximately 5.4 square meters, the perfect pot for most garden greenhouses.

For best greenhouse shading results and easy application use a paint roller such as a radiator roller with foam or tight nap fibre roller sleeve. You don’t need much Glass Paint as it goes a long way and application is very quick and easy. Just roll on and leave to dry.

Using a craft roller or different roller sleeves will give you a different finish effect on the glass. A paint brush can be used but will be more streaky and unless thick coats are applied the coating won’t be as cohesive as with a roller.

Painting on with the radiator roller and foam or fine fibre sleeve gave a nice smooth effect to the paint coating. You can also have great fun with stencils that can be purely decorative, or used to apply small amounts of shading where full pane shading isn’t needed.

These can be left on all year round making your glass house an attractive feature throughout the cold and colourless winter months. As the coating is water-repellent it can survive rain, snow and frost. The resin is very durable so if you leave it on it will create a coating that will last for up to 10 years.

The colour pigments are VOC free exterior grade performing in the highest levels of lightfast and weather resistance so will stay bright and true for many years.

Quickly and easily the greenhouse glass panes are shaded and plants protected for the season.

Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is a ready-to-use product so you don’t have to mix up the old greenhouse shading paint or spend hours scrubbing it off at the end of the season or when the sun disappears – just pick at an edge and peel it off!

If the coating is left on for a long time it will dry out and the elasticity of the coating will lessen making it harder to peel off. However you can easily rehydrate the coating, or paint a fresh coating on top, or use a household kitchen bleach spray that will break down the resin bond making it easy to scrape or wipe off.

Download our easy guide to application and removal here.

For more tips and advice on When and How to Shade a Greenhouse please follow this link.

Greenhouse shading with style and ease!