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Greenhouse Shading

With Thorndown’s revolutionary Peelable Glass Paint greenhouse shading doesn’t need to be a nasty job anymore. You no longer have to battle with blinds, shade netting or traditional shading paints that you have to mix-up, look ugly when you paint it on and take an age to scrub off.

Made from a resin using 100% recycled plastics, it is water-based, non-toxic, VOC and halogen free with a low carbon foot print.

With Peelable Glass Paint you simply apply to glass panes internally or externally with a normal paint roller. Foam sleeves work best as they absorb less of the paint so more goes onto your glass. At the end of the season you only need to pick at a corner and peel off the whole sheet from the glass!

Unlike old shading paints that can leave residue on greenhouses glazed with acrylic or polycarbonate, you can use Peelable Glass Paint as you can remove it from these materials.

We bought a BillyOh Polycarbonate Greenhouse and set about constructing and protecting it. You can read all about the construction and painting of it on the Projects – Wood Paint- Greenhouses page or following the link. It has step-by-step tips on how best to build and look after your greenhouse.


We created an opaque Peelable Glass Paint palette with colours that would match your Wood Paint. This greenhouse is painted with Chantry Cream Wood Paint so we wanted to paint greenhouse shading in Chantry Cream Peelable Glass Paint. This great greenhouse shading paint is not only very easy to apply, it’s very effective at reducing heat in a greenhouse, is super easy and fun to peel off and remove, and looks really pretty.

More importantly as mentioned above you can use it on acrylic and polycarbonate glazed windows. More traditional shading paints that you have to dilute to paint on, can be difficult to get off these materials. Removal of Peelable Glass Paint from polycarbonate or acrylic glazing is easy and effective – simply peel off!

Please follow this link for product information and advice on Peelable Glass Paint. You can download a pdf for advice for Application and Removal here.