At Thorndown we are passionate about paint and like to use and manufacture the finest paints we can.

Using carefully sourced and selected ingredients we have produced a high-performing water-based Wood Paint that protects timber, repels water, has minimal VOC & odour, and can be used on all types of wood inside and outside of the home. We use exterior grade colour pigments that contain zero VOC and will retain their colour for years. Our colour tinting machine gives exact colouring and can produce over 1800 RAL colours, creating endless colour possibilities!

Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint is a unique and revolutionary paint. It is water-based, contains minimal VOC and uses a 100% recycled plastics resin, giving the coating an elasticity that enables you to simply peel it off! The paint and colour range has been developed for greenhouse shading, conservatory shading, privacy screening and arts & crafts. Windows can be turned into pieces of art using stencils or freehand and window clings created in whatever shape and colour you can think of. With our tinting machine colour options are endless. The unique quality of this paint means that the uses are as wide as your imagination so get crafty.

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