UV Clear Wood Paint

Pure clear wood paint with UV protection that is totally transparent to show the full beauty of the grain.

High performing exterior and interior eco wood paint with minimal V.O.C.s suitable for any application inside or outside.

Translucent wood paints need to be treated like wood stains and the appropriate painting technique adopted. They are often not suitable for overcoating solid colour coatings and work best on fresh timber or in maintenance of a similar coating. Best applied with a small amount on the brush or roller, working the paint in well and spreading it out in small methodical stretches, painting with the grain and up to still wet paint to avoid patches and streaks.

For UV Clear we recommend applying 3-4 coats to make sure that the coating is nice and strong. With coloured coatings you can see when you’re painting, easily noticing if you’ve missed any sections or if any parts are thin and streaky offering little protection. With UV Clear it isn’t so easy to spot thin or patchy painted areas so painting 3-4 coats will make sure that you haven’t missed anything and your timber is fully protected from the elements.


    Pure clear wood paint with UV protection that is totally transparent to show the full beauty of the grain.

    A pure clear protecting timber from UV and anything else nature and you can throw at it. Perfect top coat for if you only want to apply one coat of a coloured paint but still need the full 2 coat protection, or if you’ve watered the paint down for a wood stain effect this will provide full protection on top.

    It’s easy to transform and protect any timber surface with Thorndown Clear Wood Paint, allowing you to be as creative as you like with it. Whether you paint straight from the tin, choose to mix colours or dilute it for a stain effect, we just want it to be fun. But remember not to reward yourself with a cider until the painting is done.

    Use indoor or outdoor:

    • Satin finish with a soft sheen
    • Made with architectural exterior-grade VOC free colour pigments with long-lasting UV protection
    • Great core colour range – 48 heritage and modern colours + UV Clear
    • Transparent wood colours
    • Somerset Heritage Colour Collection with 24 natural countryside tones
    • 1800 RAL Classic and Design colours available
    • One wood paint product for any timber application; interior, exterior, softwood & hardwood
    • Opaque and semi opaque paint colours
    • UV Clear with added UV blocking protection to keep wood looking good longer
    • Grain visible with a delicate and beautiful satin finish
    • Mix colours together easily to create your own shades
    • Very strong bond with timber
    • Contains flash rust protection to stop rust from forming on metal and staining the wood paint coating, as of April 2022
    • Coats metal, masonry, terracotta and plastic including uPVC window frames
    • Water repellent, micro-porous, and frost resistant
    • Strong resistance to UV degradation and colour fade – strong external grade colours
    • External Wood Paint: the best for painting doors, windows, cladding, decks, sheds, cabins, trellis and fences
    • Internal Wood Paint: create cool makeovers for doors, floors, windows and furniture.
    • Transparent UV Clear Wood Paint
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    150 ml sample, 750 ml, 2.5 litre, 10 litres, Wooden sample



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    For full product information and application advice please follow this link to Advice – Wood Paint. Below is a short summary.

    • Water-based eco paint with satin finish
    • Coverage – approx. 6m2 per litre on rough sawn and 12m2 per litre on smooth/planed wood
    • Shake & Stir thoroughly before use for minimum 1 minute, and stir during use with a wide surface stirring implement, not stick as too thin to stir properly
    • Protect clothing as paint will stain
    • No need for primer unless applying to an oily surface or hardwood, metal or uPVC. Stain-blocking primer recommended to stop possible resin bleed or tannin stains on the coating with lighter shades
    • Apply to clean, dry, sound surface
    • Use synthetic brush, roller or sprayer
    • Avoid the rain – allow approx. 24 hours drying time on second coats before exposing to rain or high levels of humidity
    • Touch-dry in under an hour in fine weather. Can overcoat after approx. 1-2 hours in normal conditions. Drying time extended by cold or damp conditions
    • Two coats recommended for full exterior protection. Some light colours can be enhanced with a third coat
    • Clean wet equipment with water and a spot of detergent if required. Don’t allow paint to dry in sprayer nozzles
    • Dispose of responsibly. Empty tins are fully recyclable and most local authorities can dispose of leftover paint