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Painting Terracotta Pots with Wood Paint

Have Pots of Fun with Wood Paint

A cheap and easy transformation to make in the garden is painting your terracotta pots. Our Wood Paint is specifically designed to look great and work beautifully on wood but it can also be painted on uPVC, metal, masonry, and terracotta pots. You can even paint plastic pots with Thorndown Wood Paint!

Painting a terracotta pot in wood paint will also protect it from the weather. Cheap terracotta pots are especially vulnerable to frost and ice cracking them, and general erosion caused by rain.

If you want straight lines on a terracotta pot, measure up first and mark your points off around the pot. Then put tape around the pot at the levels measured and marked off making small and regular adjustments to the curvature of the tape to produce a straight line. Seal the tape firmly then get painting.

Applying a small amount of wood paint can create really pretty pops of colour throughout your garden and be painted in colours that compliment planting and your exterior design.

With dark colours you can get away with one coat but two coats makes the coating more durable and increases the depth of colour.

You can colour co-ordinate your pots with the colour of your plants and create some great displays quickly and cheaply. If you want to keep the terracotta pot colour then you can paint on UV Clear to strengthen and protect the pot.

Thorndown Wood Paint is micro-porous allowing moisture transfer through the coating. However, if the post get water-logged the amount of water trying to get out of the clay and through the paint coating can be too much and create bubbles. If this happens they normally disappear when the pot has dried out a bit but if it has been excessive then you may need to take off the affected area and touch-up. You could try sealing the inside of the pot as well to prevent this from happening.

Painting Wood Paint on Metal

Rock-Rose-and-Cheddar-Pink-rose-stencil-on-metal-watering-canYou can paint up the whole pot or sections with lines or stencilling although this won’t give you as much protection. If you want full protection but want to get creative, you can paint the whole pot, leave to dry and then paint a pretty stencil on top like I did with an old metal watering can.

The watering can was old and rusty so I cleaned it down and painted the main part in Rock Rose wood paint then left to dry before stencilling.

It’s not easy to paint a stencil on a cylindrical object so I taped the rose stencil on, then drew the outline with a red sharpie marker pen. I removed the stencil then filled in the rose outline with 2 coats of Cheddar Pink wood paint which covered over the pen outline and created a very chic watering can!

I liked it so much I had to paint a seahorse on the kid’s watering can too.

A 150ml sample tin of wood paint costs just £5.00 and you can fit 4 tins into a small parcel box, making the most out of the delivery charge.


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