Wood Sheds and Timber Garden Buildings painted in Thorndown Wood Paint 2019-09-27T15:53:43+00:00

Shed Collection

Here we share with you a collection of sheds and garden buildings painted in Thorndown Wood Paint to demonstrate the versatility and breadth of styles that can be created by using different colours.

Thorndown-Wispy-Willow-and-Swan-White-Wood-PaintThis large timber office sits at the bottom of the garden providing a sanctuary and space for creative thought. Painted in the popular Wispy Willow Wood Paint with trims in Swan White, the finished look is attractive and compliments the lush green lawn and trees it sits within.

Just two coats of Wispy Willow were needed to create a beautiful finish and strong protective coating. With lighter whites, off-whites and creams I always prefer a third coat as it strengthens the solidity of the colour.

I could quite happily wander out of my kitchen door to meander along the path over the lawn, to sit in this fabulous building and work away, gazing out over the garden and popping back to the kitchen every now and again for a nice cup of tea.

Planting a large tub up helps to further integrate the building into the garden space, making it look more homely and even more appealing.


The above shed is painted in Squirrel Blue with Skylark Blue Wood Paint on the trims and interior details. Sat in a corner of the garden that gets the evening light right up to sunset, it’s the perfect spot for a warm and inviting getaway to relax in and soak up the day.


Bishop Blue Wood Paint has been painted onto the exterior walls of this stunning shed designed and built by Wood and Space. The natural timber fascias and details provide a great contrast to the blue and elevate the sophistication of the design. By painting UV Clear Wood Paint onto bare fresh timber, the natural look of the wood can be protected and preserved for years.


The Love Your Garden team painted this shed in Dormouse Grey Wood Paint, a warm, natural, earthy tone that looks richly elegant yet allows the building to take a back seat to the garden and planting. Painting the interior in Bath Cream gives it a warm, inviting, luxurious feel. On interior walls of buildings only one coat of wood paint is needed but a second will increase the solidity of the colour coating.


These bright and beautiful sheds create totally different looks. The first is a school shed brightened up with rainbow colours to uplift all that come across it in the playground. The second is a lovely contemporary country cottage look with the pastel baby blue of Adonis Blue Wood Paint paired with the lovely rich Bath Cream. And finally, Love your Garden painted the third shed in Parlyte Green Wood Paint giving it a bright, pretty, pastel look that worked brilliantly with their garden festival theme.


Painting the interior of a garden building can finish the look and transform it from a wooden building to a space that has been designed. Love Your Garden created a pub in the interior of a garden building using cool greys to highlight features and accents like the shelf.


This super sophisticated summerhouse was created by the Love Your Garden team using Greymond and Bishop Blue Wood Paint. The interior was also painted in Greymond lifting the light and creating a great backdrop to soft furnishings and cherished items.



On the left is a shed door painted in the classic RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Wood Paint. It looks classically sleek and is a very popular colour used extensively in architecture and exterior design. Next is a Forest Small Storage Shed painted in Golden Somer with a Swan White trim. It’s a cheery combination that’s reminiscent of beach huts and always brings sunshine and a smile to the garden, whether it be summer or autumn. The interior is also painted in Swan White Wood Paint with screws in the door providing great hanging space for small tools.

The final small storage shed was painted by Naomi Slade (garden designer, author and journalist) who created her own shade by mixing together Reed Green with a splash of Peregrine Blue for that perfect seagrass shade. We’ve dubbed a RAL version of it Slade Green in her honour and will be adding it to the extended colour chart this winter!