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Easy Wood Paint Makeover Project

TD Golden Somer Wood PaintWhen you get a new timber product for the garden it is always best to protect it from the elements with a good quality water-repellent wood paint. If you buy a premium timber product it will have been treated with a long-lasting wood preservative but to keep the timber looking good and protected from rain, paint on some wood paint as soon as you can. If you want to keep that natural fresh look of timber we’d recommend applying two coats of Thorndown UV Clear Wood Paint. The Clear coating has a high-grade UV blocker in it that will block the sun’s rays from fading the timber, turning it silvery-grey.

Rain will get into the timber and joints, swelling the wood and damaging the structure. Sitting water can also stain wood leaving ugly blotches and patches on it. Painting on a good wood paint will seal the timber, protecting it and preventing damage from the elements.

Painting on a coloured wood paint is a great way of creating features, complimenting planting or design schemes, and protecting it too. We got a Forest Small Garden Store and had great fun painting it in Golden Somer Wood Paint with Swan White Wood Paint on the trims and interior, giving it a fun, bright, sea-side theme.

Painting Golden Somer Wood Paint

Paint before you build

For ease and to make sure that all joints and nooks and crannies were painted and protected, we painted two coats of Golden Somer Wood Paint on to the walls and door before building it. On the roof trims we painted two coats of Swan White Wood Paint to add a bright, fresh contrast and complete the beach-hut look.

Golden Somer and Swan White storage shedAfter building it we just painted two coats of Thorndown Swan White Wood Paint on the walls. Not only does it look pretty but makes it easier to clean too. The floor had one coat of Thorndown Rowan Wood Paint on it which not only protects the USB boarding, but makes it look like a better quality material.

Its size is perfect for storing wellie boots and garden tools in. The high-quality timber is topped off with a stylish and practical apex roof that is fitted with a green mineral felted roof to keep it weathertight. We love the design and it was really easy to build too!

Forest Small Garden Store Shoot

Forest loved what we’d done and used our Wood Paint for a fantastic shoot to showcase their Small Garden Store using Cheddar Pink, Cathedral Green and Golden Somer Wood Paint. We absolutely love what they’ve done and the amazing pictures in the gallery below.