Easter Stencil Pack


Easter Stencil Pack

Decorate glass windows, bottles, jars, vases, lanterns; mirrors, metal, plastic

Easter Stencils for painting

Tough 190gsm reusable stencils

6 x Easter Stencils

Have some fun decorating over and over again.


Easter Stencil Pack

The Easter Stencil Pack contains 6 stencils cut from an A4 sheet of durable and reusable 190gsm material. These stencils have been designed so that you can create endless scenes on windows or lanterns, and upcycle old glass bottles into vases or jam jars into decorative tea light holders.

Many are small enough to be usable on smaller surface areas such as jam jars, but large enough to create beautiful window scenes to entertain and delight.

Six stencils supplied are inspired by Easter themes.

  • Bunny stencil
  • Chick stencil
  • Cross stencil
  • Daffodil stencil
  • Egg stencil
  • Lamb stencil
  • Suitable for use inside or out

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For full product information and application advice please follow this link to Advice – Glass Paint. Below is a short summary.

  • Water-based Peelable eco paint with satin finish
  • Coverage – approx. 12m2 per litre
  • Protect clothing as paint will stain
  • Shake & Stir thoroughly before and stir during use
  • Apply to clean, dry, sound, shiny surface
  • Use synthetic brush, roller or sprayer. Best coating results are produced by using a roller with a foam sleeve
  • Apply a nice thick coating as thin patchy coats won’t peel very easily
  • Avoid the rain – allow approx. 12-24 hours drying time (depending on how hot the weather is) when painting externally before exposing to rain or high levels of humidity as this can damage the coating
  • Touch-dry in under an hour or two in fine weather. Can overcoat after approx. 4-6 hours in normal conditions. Drying time extended by cold or damp conditions. Can be safest to leave to dry for 24 hours in poorer weather before applying 2nd coat
  • One coat is enough to provide shading. A second coat will increase the solidity and colour of the coating
  • Clean wet equipment with water and a spot of detergent if required. Don’t allow paint to dry in sprayer nozzles
  • Dispose of responsibly. Empty tins are fully recyclable and most local authorities can dispose of leftover paint
  • Remove Peelable Glass Paint by picking at a corner and peeling coating off. Coatings can dry out over time especially if in south-facing areas. You can re-hydrate the coating by soaking with water and leaving for approx. 10 minutes before trying to peel. Coating can be removed by a paint scraper or you can apply a fresh coat over the top of an old dry coating – leave to bond to the old coating for about 2 weeks then peel both coats off together. Old coatings can be returned to the Thorndown factory in Glastonbury, Somerset for recycling