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Best Selling Wood Paint Colours 2023

If you’re looking for ideas for what colours to use in the home and garden, then the Best Selling Wood Paint Colours chart for 2023 is a good place to start.

Each year we carry out a review of the top 20 best selling paint colours throughout the previous year, creating a chart for easy analysis and reference. You can review them all since we launched Thorndown in 2018, by visiting the Best Selling Colours page on our website.

Throughout 2023 the heritage colours and natural wood tones were still the most popular, with blues, greens and greys filling the charts. For the first time the top 3 colours in both 2.5 litre and 750ml tins were the same, with UV Clear at the top, followed by the beautiful grey-green tone of Old Sage Green then the stunning rich intensity of Blackdown.


Within the chart many colours didn’t change on previous years but jostled for position as constant favourites, such as Bishop Blue, Cavepool Grey and Cow Parsley White.

There were some new additions to the chart with Field Green, Wetlands Green, Axe Blue and Launcherley Blue, all popular colours from the Somerset Heritage Colour Collection.

We all need beautiful colours in our lives to enrich and inspire us. We hope you find these charts helpful but you can continue to explore our ranges and colours in our Shop, and you can request free colour charts by emailing

Thorndown Wood Paint Best Selling Colours 2023