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Autumn & Winter Paint Colours

Autumn and winter seasons are full of rich warm colours, or the moody earthy tones of a brooding landscape.

Thorndown Wood Paint colours can be used to re-create these feelings of the seasons in the home and garden, and with the high quality VOC free colour pigments that go into our paints, the colours will stay strong and true for many years.

Paint Colours for Autumn

Luscious, nature-inspired colours

‘Green Green Grass, Blue Blue Sky’ might be the lyrics to one of the summer’s biggest earworms, but they are also the inspiration behind this Autumn’s biggest colour trends, according to eco paint specialists Thorndown.

Thorndown Design Director Caroline Thornborough believes more of us are looking to the natural world around us as we come to style our homes as temperatures drop.

She said: “The natural world has been very much in the forefront of people’s minds and consumer choices, which has had a huge impact on design.

“For the autumn and winter months, warm, comforting but darker and more striking colours are set to be used with dark lush greens such as Field Green and Yew Green, comforting warm and wholesome dark blues like Bishop Blue, and the enriching dark plum of Whortleberry set to be the perfect colours for the seasons ahead.

“Greys will also continue to be popular, with both dark greys  – like Bergamot Grey – and lighter shades, such as Zinc Grey, complimenting and contrasting wonderfully with the darker more vibrant colours.”

Winter Warmers

Turn up the colour in the garden as the temperatures drop

Add some warmth and cheer to your garden with Thorndown Paint‘s handpicked selection of its eco-friendly wood paints to add a winter glow-up.

Thorndown’s Design Director Caroline Thornborough has picked out a fabulous foursome of shades to defy the grey days and keep the garden bursting with colour as foliage recedes.

Thorndown-Sundowner-Orange-with-Rowan-Berry-Red-and-Gromwell-Green-Wood-Paint-chairs-Love-Your-Garden-OxfordThey are Rowan Berry Red, Foxwhelp, Mudgley Mustard and Sundowner Orange.

Caroline said: “Gardens are filled with colour across summer and spring, but I think it’s really important to keep colour across the darker, colder months.

“Wooden garden furniture that has been used daily throughout the summer or wooden planters that have faded in the sun will be begging for a winter makeover. So why not consider adding some warmth with the rich shades of Rowan Berry Red, Foxwhelp, Mudgley Mustard and Sundowner Orange?

“Even our 150ml sample pot which is just £5 will go a long way if you want to give smaller garden pieces a facelift.”


Thorndown’s specialist wood paint is available in three sizes, ranging from a 2.5-litre can to a 150ml sample pot. Prices start at £5 for a 150ml sample pot, £20 for a 750ml tin or £50 for a 2.5-litre can.

VOC free colour pigments of the highest quality go into Thorndown Wood Paint meaning that the colour you love is the colour you’ll see for many years without fading or discolouring. The colour pigments perform at the highest levels in the Blue Wool scale which measures light fast and permanence of colour dyes. They also perform at the highest levels for weather resistance so are built to last, making them perfect for exterior use.

All paints are made fresh to order with a RAL tinting machine that not only offers a colour reproduction accuracy rate of 99.9% but also means that in addition to the colours on the Thorndown colour charts, there are over 1800 RAL Classic and Design colours available, and colours from other paint ranges can be colour matched in Thorndown’s high performing wood paint.

Find out more product information and application advice at Advice – Wood Paint on the website.