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Shed Makeover with Organised By Charlotte

Sheds are a great addition to your garden providing the perfect space to store everyday items from toys to tools. Thorndown Wood Paint is perfect for sheds as it is specifically designed for exterior use, protecting it for years from the weather. It also comes in a wide variety of paint colours that are made using VOC free architectural grade colour pigments that stay strong and true for years.

Professional organiser, Charlotte, needed to replace her old dilapidated shed so Forest Garden Products came to the rescue with one of their timber sheds, and we helped out with the Wood Paint.

Charlotte is a professional organiser and interior stylist, transforming any space from a kitchen to a wardrobe and can make anything look good from the inside out!

It doesn’t stop at interiors, as Charlotte has a keen passion for the garden and has been desperate to transform her shed since moving in. Not only did she want it to be perfectly organised  but she wanted it to have a style flare, as why shouldn’t every space reflect your style, even the shed!

Using a bold pink and green theme of Goddess Green and Cheddar Pink, the shed looks amazing but still holds all the key garden items whilst managing to look amazing too!

Charlotte’s top tips for organising sheds;
1. It’s really important to start with a declutter; take everything out of the shed and you will realise all the things you don’t need taking up space!
2. Categorise everything! Place all paint in one pile, garden tools and so on. Then you can clearly see what you have and how you can find a system to keep it all organised
3. Watertight boxes are great for storing paddling pools as well as garden lights for the winter, as the boxes they come in take up a lot of room and you can group items together
4. Use the walls of the shed; place hooks so you can hang larger items like snow sledges or ladders so that they don’t get lost
5. Place items you need the most access to at the front – like bikes / garden gloves 💫
Check out her instagram Organised by Charlotte for all her fab tips on organising, decluttering and styling 💫