YouTube ‘How To’ Videos

YouTube ‘How To’ Videos

Peelable Glass Paint YouTube Videos

To demonstrate how brilliant and easy our Peelable Glass Paint is to use, we have created some short clips. There are three on the Greenhouse Shading Project Page showing how to roller on and peel off the paint.

On a recent visit to Floyds Clematis & Climbers nursery we also filmed painting on greenhouse shading to his commercial greenhouse. While we were there we engaged in a little fun painting on some solid/opaque Moorland Green and Reed Green to a couple of panes, which not only look pretty but provide a stronger level of greenhouse shading against strong sun. We also enjoyed ourselves by doing some stencilling.

We hope these videos help demonstrate how to use Peelable Glass Paint for a great way to shade your greenhouse from the sun!



  1. Sheri Corbett 7th February 2019 at 5:35 pm - Reply

    Greetings, do you have any more workshops planned? I’ve only just found you & missed your January event! Humpf!! I am intrigued by your peelable paint for glass & the concept of ‘clear’. Please put more information & examples on your site. Thankyou

    • Caroline Thornborough 14th February 2019 at 2:21 pm - Reply

      Hello Sheri, sorry you missed our workshop. We don’t have any planned for the near future but if you sign up to our newsletter we can keep you informed of new dates and activities. The Peelable Glass Paint is great – practical and lots of fun to play with! The Clear enables you to either increase the translucency of other colours, or form a clear base to window clings like the one featured on the website, made by our 7 year old daughter We do have lots of pictures and content to add to the website so please do check in again and let us know if there are any particular questions you have about projects or techniques 🙂

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