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Christmas Stencil Craft Pack

Peelable Glass Paint Christmas Stencil Craft Pack

Creating a Christmas window and decorating items for the home or as gifts is now simple, easy, and enjoyable with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint Christmas Stencil Craft Pack.

The Christmas Stencil Craft Pack contains 6 stencils cut from an A4 sheet of durable and reusable 190gsm Mylar material. These stencils have been designed so that you can create endless scenes and decorate any shiny material whether it be glass, plastic, or tiles. Create attractive tea light holders with old jam jars, or Christmas chutney for the Christmas table or to give out as gifts to friends and family.

Old plastic bottles or soup pots can be reused and turned into snow globes with a bit of Peelable Glass Paint, water, and glitter!

They are small enough to be usable on smaller surface areas such as jam jars, but large enough to create beautiful scenes to entertain and delight.

Stencils supplied in the box are of an angel, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowflake, snowman, and stars.

Also included in the box is an art brush and information sheet with tips, advice and instructions on different applications and craft techniques.

Peelable Glass Paint goes a long way so you only need to use a small amount, especially when stencilling. The Christmas Stencil Craft Pack contains 4 x 40ml craft tins of Dragon RedGoblin GreenGriffin Gold, and Swan White – the perfect colours for Christmas!

You can also easily mix together Peelable Glass Paint colours to create many more shades and colours from the 4 supplied. Peelable Glass Paint is water-based and non-toxic with low odour, virtually no VOC and made with a 100% recycled plastic resin.

Peelable Glass Paint was created to be peelable so when it’s dry, you can just peel it off. However if you like what you’ve made then the coating is also water-repellent and durable so you can just leave it on and it will last for years, whether inside or outside in the elements.

For inspiration and advice on what you can create with a Christmas Stencil Craft Packs, follow this link to a page packed full of ideas, photos and videos.