Painting Christmas Windows with Peelable Glass Paint 2019-09-04T21:12:43+00:00

Creating Christmas windows with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is fun and easy, and a little bit of paint goes a long way.

I created 5 stencils of baubles in a variety of sizes so I could use them again and again, painting a pretty bauble scene across bay windows.

To make the Christmas tree I used Frog tape to mark out the outline. Frog tape is great as it creates a really good seal, but just make sure to firmly press down the edges to make sure you don’t get any paint bleeding underneath. After painting the tree using Goblin Green translucent Peelable Glass Paint, I then marked out the tree trunk, mixed together some Dragon Red with Goblin Green to make brown, and painted the trunk.

Oh Christmas Tree

Next I made some square stencils in different sizes for presents but tape could be used instead or a steady hand! All of the presents were painted using just Swan White, Goblin Green, Griffin Gold and Dragon Red, mixing colours together to create different shades.

For some of the presents I sprinkled glitter into some paint to make them extra sparkly and pretty! Once the presents’ paint had dried I painted on ribbon using Griffin Gold and then used the same colour to paint strings of lights on the tree, dotting along the strands to create the effect of sparkling lights. The final part was the star on top and I used the same star stencils to paint stars across the night sky at the top of the window.


However when I painted the stencil of Santa the paint was being repelled from the window surface. I had cleaned the window with a home-made vinegar and water window cleaner then rinsed and dried, but there was still something on the window that was repelling the paint, causing it to disappear into itself. Luckily the glitter paint came to the rescue. By mixing some glitter into the Dragon Red the surface tension was broken and the glitter created a solid edge, stopping the retreat of the paint and saving Santa’s hat, and saving me from having to clean the window again!!

Decorative Baubles

Again sections of the windows that I was painting the baubles on was repelling the glass paint. Because Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint can be used on interior and exterior windows, I simply went outside and painted the scene on the outside of the windows instead.

Mixing together Swan White, Goblin Green, Griffin Gold and Dragon Red I created lots of shades and used the stencils again and again to fill the windows. During the day the translucent colours let the sun shine through them and at dusk and night, the baubles turn solid creating a totally different look.

Christmas Stencils

On the return side of the bay window I used more stencils to create a Christmas themed window, with Christmas trees, Santa, snowmen, snowflakes and angels flying in a starry sky.


Viewed from outside translucent glass paint takes on a more opaque look, and they look right at home in the snow.

The Peelable Glass Paint and stencils are so versatile you can use them on so many things including decorating a mirror for Christmas and making festive gifts. I washed up empty plastic soup pots, painted them using stencils and Peelable Glass Paint, then filled them with sweets and chocolates as a naughty Christmas treat for nephews and nieces. For adults I made a batch of fig chutney, filled old cleaned jam jars and decorated them as a Christmas surprise for the cheese board.

Christmas comes but once a year so make the most of it and get crafty with Thorndown!