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Spring into Summer

In another regular slot as a TV DIY expert, TV Carpenter Wayne Perrey joined Alan Titchmarsh on ITV1’s “Spring into Summer” primetime series.

Wayne used his extensive carpentry skills, knowledge and flair for design, to create and build an impressive and large corner seating arbour for the garden.

His progress was covered in segments throughout the series, showing how he measured and the cut the parts, and built it from scratch.

He showed how to add design details, then painted the impressive structure with Thorndown Cavepool Grey Wood Paint.

Alan Titchmarsh loved the eco-credentials of Thorndown Wood Paint, and was especially taken with Cavepool Grey, commenting on how much he liked the colour and its ability to change in the light.

We use VOC free architectural exterior-grade colour pigments in our paints, and their strength can create deep complexities with colours. Cavepool Grey has a blue-green undertone like the deep underground cave pools that it was named after. At times it is a strong dark grey and in other lights, the blue or green tone ascends with a rich intensity.

As the series progressed, Wayne also built a garden bar, painting the curved panelling in Cavepool Grey to match the arbour. He then applied gold leaf sheets to the bar top and stool seats, sealing with Thorndown UV Clear Wood Paint to protect it and create a hard-wearing water-repellent coating.

In the final instalment Wayne designed and built an outside kitchen pizza oven. A fab design that not only looks great but provides tasty meals and a focus for outside entertaining.

After filming it made its way back to his garden where he painted it with Thorndown Whortleberry Wood Paint before cooking up a feast.

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