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Thorndown Wood Paint on Bee Hives

National Bee Supplies selected Thorndown Wood Paint for use on their range of cedar bee hives and polystyrene hives and nucleus boxes.

They are proud to be the leading manufacturer of Canadian Western Red Cedar beehives. The company was founded in the 1980s with the mission to provide the best quality hives in the market; 40 years later, and their principles of using the finest materials and quality craftsmanship still apply today.

In 2021, they assessed their carbon footprint and have been working hard to ensure that they more than offset their production. They’ve achieved this through the installation and refurbishment of over 1000 solar panels, tree planting, and wildflower meadow creation down where they’re based in Devon.

Their commitment to the environment and to providing high-quality products led them to Thorndown’s range of water-based eco paints.

Their Canadian Western Red Cedar wood will last for many years without treatment, but it will take on a silvery appearance over time. For those who wish to preserve the glorious colours and grain patterns of the timber, Thorndown’s translucent UV Clear Wood Paint is a perfect choice.

UV Clear Wood Paint is designed specifically for exterior use and creates a high performing water repellent protective coating. The UV blockers slow down the greying process and will keep the cedar timber looking brand new for years. The picture in the gallery above shows a hive with half un-treated and the other painted with Thorndown UV Clear, then left to weather over the winter months.

They’ve also introduced some of Thorndown’s coloured paint. These are perfect for their polystyrene hives and nucleus boxes which need to be painted to protect them from the weather.

First and foremost, comes the safety of bees. Thorndown’s water-based formula with virtually no VOC or odour means the beauty of their hives can be preserved with no harm to the bees. Once the coating has dried bees can be returned quickly to their hive homes.

For more information please visit their website National Bee Supplies.