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TV Carpenter Podcast Season 7
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The wonderful Wayne Perrey is back with his hit TV Carpenter Podcast series, and we are delighted to still be sponsoring his shows!

Season 7 began on Friday 11th March to coincide with the new series of “Interior Design Masters” from Wednesday 9th March on BBC1 at 9pm. Judge Michelle Ogundehin is amongst the amazing line-up of guests, along with some of the contestants from the series. Wayne also recorded live podcast interviews at the Ideal Home Show with guests Michelle Ogundehin, Head judge on Interior Design Masters; Will Kirk, furniture restorer and presenter on Repair Shop TV series; internationally renowned interior designer Guy OliverJacqui Joseph, presenter on Money for Nothing and BBC Morning Live, Interior Designer Oliver Thornton, Paediatric A&E doctor and TV presenter Dr Ranj, TV presenter and Podcaster Mr Plant Geek (Michael Perry), Sustainable Interior Designer Lynne LambourneBanjo, winner of Interior Design Masters, and Abi Ann Davis, luxcycler and contestant on Interior Design Masters.

The season began with an interview with Oliver Heath, interior designer and global expert on Biophillic Design. Wayne also introduced listeners to his new concept where guests chose the Thorndown Wood Paint colour that they feel best represents or speaks to them, and explain why. It’s provoked some great colours choices and fascinating discussions.

Colours chosen by guests have been;

Enjoy listening to another fascinating and fun series!