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Review of Top 20 Best Selling Colours

Each year we review the Best Selling Colours for the Wood Paint and Peelable Glass Paint ranges, presented in a Top 20 chart for each tin size. It’s fascinating to see what colours are in vogue but also how little changes over the years with natural tones dominating in the larger tin sizes, and with more variety and vibrancy in the smaller project and hobby tins.

It’s not surprising that the calmer, natural more neutral tones are the most popular in the larger 2.5 litre tins of Wood Paint, as that is the tin size we use on our timber buildings in the garden. Most people like to have a colour that reflects nature and sits calmly in the garden, nestling into planting schemes and being a place that we can escape to. This explains the dominance of greys, greens, blues and natural wood tones in this Top 20, remaining fairly constant over the years with only shades and hues varying in fashion.

Sometimes people like to make bold statements of summerhouses, craft rooms or sheds, especially when not overlooked by neighbours they might upset, so pretty beach-like colours such as Goblin Blue takes its place in the chart with braver standout colours like Rowan Berry Red or Cheddar Pink sitting just outside and in the 750ml chart.

When it comes to the smaller pack size of 750ml, these tend to be used for window frames and trims on timber buildings so you get a lot of complimentary colours such as cream, stone or white. However, this pack size is very versatile and is used on many wooden objects from doors to planters and arches, and interior furniture, so you get a wide range of colour choice from natural tones to brighter colours including Adonis Blue and Mudgley Mustard.

The 150ml tin sizes are mostly used so people can try out colours at home to make sure it’s exactly what they want before painting up large expanses on timber buildings, but it’s also used a lot for smaller craft and home projects. It goes a long way so you can upcycle old boxes and crates or transform pieces of furniture in colours to contrast to your interior design.


This is a very popular product for shading greenhouses and conservatories so lots of beautiful natural tones and greens dominate the 750ml tin chart. However people also use it for privacy screening so Bat Black is a popular choice for blacking out windows, and Goblin Green is another popular choice as a translucent colour as it is thought to make plants happy and encourage growth.

Peelable Glass Paint is also a great paint for arts & crafts so in the smaller 150ml tin size you see a wider variety of colours with lots of bright translucent colours proving very popular, with all the colours of the rainbow. It also provides shading for roofs and panels of greenhouses too so the more muted natural opaque colours also appear throughout the chart.

Whatever colours make you happy we can provide you with pretty much everything you want from our extensive colour charts, or over 1800 RAL Classic and Design colours so paint it happy!