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Re-use Thorndown Paint Tins as Plant Pots

Here at Thorndown we have nature and sustainability at the forefront of our minds. All of our packaging is recyclable or compostable but we do also like to re-use as much as we can.

Our tins are made from fully recyclable metal but we think they’re attractive enough to be re-used as storage containers or plant pots!

Wash out leftover paint then drill some holes in the bottom for drainage. Pop in some compost (peat free) and add horticultural grit to further aid drainage. Pot up the plant and hey presto, a free plant pot for inside the home or out in the garden. You can even use the lid as a saucer.

For displaying outside you can use the handles to create a vertical garden, hanging them off a ladder or fixings.

Alternatively, don’t drill any holes and just drop a plant in their plastic plant pot straight into the tin for an attractive plant pot holder. Simple ways to re-use and re-purpose!