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Design Havens for Heroes

Thorndown Partners with Design Havens for Heroes

We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the fantastic cause, ‘Design Havens for Heroes‘.

This charity was created and launched by Interior Designer, Francesca Rowan Plowden, to give frontline NHS staff a haven to relax and rebuild in once the pandemic crisis has passed. The campaign has built rapidly with numerous leading designers, tradespeople and companies all offering their services.

NHS staff have been working around the clock in extremely challenging and emotionally exhausting and deeply upsetting conditions. We all know how nice it is to come home after a hard days work and relax surrounded by your home comforts. Under the conditions NHS staff have been working in it’s been a challenge just to keep on top of the shopping, cooking and cleaning, with no time for DIY. Coming home to a room that hasn’t been decorated for decades with dodgy furniture, old ripped wallpaper or faded paintwork can be thoroughly depressing, and when you’re facing a crisis at work, the need for a calm and pleasant space to relax in is incredibly important.

And this is where Design Havens for Heroes step in. You can nominate NHS staff via the Design Havens for Heroes website or Instagram account, and as soon as the pandemic allows, an army of volunteers will carry out room makeovers in the homes of those that have been healing and keeping us alive.

You can also donate to the campaign and say thank you to our NHS heroes!