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Tips on Greenhouse Shading
Thorndown-Greenhouse-Shading-Peelable-Glass-Paint-rainbow flowers

When and How to Shade a Greenhouse

When you’re growing your own in your greenhouse, protecting your plants from extremes of temperatures will keep them healthy and growing well.

Keeping a thermometer in your greenhouse will help guide you to the right time to add shading to protect seedlings and plants from heat of the sun. RHS guidelines recommend that temperatures don’t exceed 27°C /81°F, otherwise tissue damage can occur.

Sun-flag (partial collapse that looks like wilting), leaf scorch and desiccation can all be signs of plants and seedlings struggling with high temperatures.

Shading with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is the perfect way to easily apply shading to greenhouses and has the added advantages of looking nicer than traditional shading paint, and is nice and easy to remove. At the end of the season simply pick at a corner and peel off the entire sheet!

Try to resist putting shading up too soon as seeds need plenty of light to germinate and seedlings need sunlight to grow. April is normally the month when the sun starts to increase in strength and intensity and can often reach high temperatures that require shading towards the mid and end of the month.

However, the cold and humid nights can cause extended delays with the drying process and can cause the Peelable Glass Paint coating to slip if any rain comes before the paint has totally cured and bonded to the window surface. Wait until weather conditions are consistently warm with a strong sun.