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Golden floral Stencil Craft Pack

Peelable Glass Paint Golden Floral Stencil Craft Pack

Get crafty with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint Golden Floral Stencil Craft Pack. The perfect pack for decorating your home, household items and greenhouses!

The Golden Floral Stencil Craft Pack contains 3 floral stencils with a warm golden theme. Stencil designs of a daffodil, sunflower and floral sprig are produced from an A4 sheet of durable 190gsm stencil material, so you can use the stencils over and over again.

These pretty floral designs can be used to decorate windows, especially during the winter months when the garden can be a bit drab and lacking in colour. Transform lanterns, decorate vases, and create attractive jam jars to use as tea light holders, table centres and vases using the deeply satisfying ‘splatter’ technique – make your own little Jackson Pollocks!

Greenhouses can get a bit functional, messy and look really empty in the winter months. Decorate them with the Golden Floral Stencil Craft Pack and bring colour and cheer to your greenhouse throughout the year.

During the summer months you can use Peelable Glass Paint on your greenhouse as a shading paint. Easily applied by paint roller and peeled off in an entire sheet at the end of the season, it’s a joy to use. You can also overpaint dry Peelable Glass Paint coatings, so why not use these floral stencils to decorate shading panels.

An art brush and information sheet full of tips, ideas and instructions on decorating techniques is included in every pack along with 4 x 40ml craft tins of Peelable Glass Paint. Coverage is great so you only need a small amount of paint, especially when stencilling. Peelable Glass Paint is water-based and non-toxic with low odour, virtually no VOC and made with a 100% recycled plastic resin.

Colours included in the pack have been chosen to compliment the theme. Green Hairstreak, Ogre Orange, Sedge Green, and Wizard Yellow provide the perfect palette but you can also mix these paint colours together to create more shades.

Although Peelable Glass Paint is designed so that you can peel it off any shiny surface, it is also durable and water-resistant so if you like the designs you can leave them on for years, inside or outside.

Here are some window scenes and decorated items using stencils and paints from the Golden Floral Stencil Craft Pack. For more ideas of what to create with Peelable Glass Paint, visit our Projects area and visit Arts & Crafts.