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Halloween Stencil Craft Pack

Halloween Stencil Craft Pack with Peelable Glass Paint

Create your own spooky Halloween windows, decorations and gifts with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint Halloween Stencil Craft Pack.

The craft pack includes 6 Halloween themed stencils of a bat, cat, pumpkin, skull, spider and witch on a broom. Also included is an art brush and 4 x 40ml craft tins of Peelable Glass Paint in Bat BlackGoblin GreenOgre Orange and White Witch.

You can use these stencils and paints to create Halloween windows at home or in shops, and endless decorative items. The stencils are made from a 190gsm durable acetate that can be used time and time again. Peelable Glass Paint goes a long way (approx. 12m2 per litre) and you only need a tiny amount for stencilling.

Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint is made using a 100% recycled plastic resin giving the coating an elasticity that enables it to be peeled off. It’s water-based, non-toxic, low in odour and virtually VOC free making it the perfect paint for crafters of all ages.

The tea light holders and treat jars above were quick and easy to make. Bat Black Peelable Glass Paint was painted on with the bat, spider and cat stencils. On the cat tea light jar I painted on humbug stripes of Bat Black and White Witch by using the width of the art brush to paint on one colour, left to dry then painted on the other colour.

Painting on curved surfaces can be tricky with stencils as the paint can easily bleed underneath. Using a sponge to apply the Peelable Glass Paint can help make the job a lot quicker and easier. I like to use old washing-up sponges. Once they’re no good for washing-up anymore, cut them into quarters for the perfect paint sponges.

Another way of getting around the curve is to tape the stencil in place then draw the outline of the stencil onto the surface with a pen. Then you can remove the stencil and paint within the outlines for that perfect finish. On some surfaces and for some designs the translucent colours look better with a second coat. Leave the first to dry for 1-2 hours then paint a second coat on top to make the coating more solid (opaque).

A leftover sweet bucket was turned into a trick or treat bucket ready to be filled with treats by a costumed trick or treater. First the bucket was painted with Bat Black Peelable Glass Paint then left to dry. As a thick coat was applied, the bucket was left overnight to make sure the paint was fully dried all the way through. Stencils were used to paint spooky Halloween images on all the way round, with the skull in White Witch, witch in Goblin Green, pumpkin in Ogre Orange and spider in White Witch. This custom-made bucket will now last for many Halloweens to come.

The spooky skull tea light holder was made from a very curved old glass condiment jar. Using a pen the skull stencil outline was drawn on then the jar was moved to a big cardboard box for all of the different paint colours in the pack to be splattered on. Once the splats were dry the skull was painted on using the stencil outline as a guide.

Whole scenes can be created on items such as this old lantern or on windows. If you run out of paint all of the colours within the Peelable Glass Paint range are available to buy in 40ml craft tins or 150ml tins for large jobs.

Use the stencils to build up a scene and create that perfectly spooky Halloween hideout!

We’ve made some video clips on Halloween makes and creating window clings and shared on our YouTube channel, so take a look and get inspired.