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Timber Bird Table

UK paint manufacturers Thorndown, make the perfect wood paint for your timber bird table. It’s water-based which is better for the environment and safer for birds than oil-based products, and is specifically designed for exterior use so it will protect your timber product for many years.

Garden birds are a welcome addition to any garden, balcony or outside space, bringing joy and helping to keep insect populations under control for gardeners, especially those that ‘grow your own’ organically.

When the weather turns and insects aren’t so abundant, the birds can do with some help so if you have the space for a bird feeder and water if you can, you’ll have some happy and grateful birds.

Hutton Epsom Bird Table

Hutton Garden Products are renowned for their high quality timber products and their range of bird tables are no exception.
The Epsom Bird Table with Feeder is an attractive and practical design that’s built to last and easy to assemble.
Painting it with a couple of coats of Thorndown Wood Paint will protect the timber from the elements and make it easy to clean. If you paint it before assembling then you can easily ensure sure that every joint, end and gap is covered in paint and sealed from the rain.


Use a good quality synthetic paint brush and apply paint going with the wood grain for the best results. You can use a little brush to push the paint into all the nooks and crannies.

Thorndown Wood Paint is quick drying and can be ready to overpaint within 30 minutes to an hour. In colder damper conditions that time will be extended to 1-2 hours.

You only need two coats of paint for full exterior protection as the resin blend that goes into Thorndown is high-performing and durable providing excellent and long-lasting protection.

You could put a third coat on the inner table area as you’ll be wanting to clean this on a regular basis so a third coat will make the coating more durable.

This bird table has been painted with Bullrush Green as it’s a lovely soft and traditional country green but there’s a choice of UV Clear if you like the natural wood colour, or 72 colours from the colour charts, and if you still can’t find your perfect shade then Thorndown can make over 1800 colours from the RAL Classic and Design colour charts.

Thorndown use high quality VOC free colour pigments (volatile organic compounds can be harmful to the environment) that last for many years without any fade or colour drop out so your colour will last.


Thorndown Wood Paint lasts approximately 8 years so you won’t need to apply a maintenance coat for a long time.

Regular cleaning of the bird table will help the birds though so below are some top tips to keep your garden birds healthy.

  • Move your feeders on a regular basis to different areas of your garden
  • If you see any signs of dead or dying birds then stop feeding for two or more weeks
  • Clean bird feeders and tables regularly with a dilute disinfectant solution, washing them down with plain water and drying afterwards before re-stocking. It’s recommended to wear gloves whilst cleaning

The bird feeder on the Hutton Epsom Bird Table slots out easily from the top of the roof section making cleaning and re-stocking easy.

Now find a good spot for the birds to feast and sit back and enjoy watching them.

The Ebury Collection

We partnered with The Ebury Collection to show how easy it is to decorate and protect garden timber products. They used our Cheddar Pink and Skylark Blue Wood Paint to create a pretty pastel style that will brighten up any garden with a fresh summery style.

With just a couple of coats of paint their softwood bird table was fully protected from the weather and looked gorgeous.

The lightweight design means it can easily be moved to different locations in the garden to find the perfect spot where visiting garden birds feel safe to feed.

Remember we recommend painting all internal elements such as the table surface to protect the exposed wood and to make it easier to clean. 3 coats for a horizontal surface is ideal.

And don’t forget that painting an old bird table is a great way to change it to your garden design and make sure it lasts a lifetime.