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Chic shed Interiors

Chic Shed Interior with Wood Paint

Many of us are lucky enough to have a shed (or two) to use as a practical storage place, or a nice hideaway to potter, work, or create in.

Over time it’s easy for the space to get messy with bits and pieces all over the place, making it hard to find what you’re looking for, and easy for spiders to hide in!

Organising your interior shed space can be simple and fun with lots of products on offer to help create chic yet practical storage solutions.

Painting your shed interior with wood paint will transform it into a unique and more attractive space.

Bright and Tidy

Painting a light wood paint colour on the interior of the shed brightens up dark spaces making it easier to see your stored items. Smaller storage and potting sheds often come with shelving that you can paint to protect them, make them easy to clean and turn them from practical planks of wood into an attractive feature in your shed interior.

The interior of this shed was transformed with a coat of Thorndown Whey White Wood Paint and Hazel on the floor and shelves. The floor had previously been treated with a darker stain that had become a bit worn so the Hazel refreshed and unified the colour. Only one coat was applied to the shelves and interior walls as they’re not exposed to the elements and don’t suffer much wear and tear.

Whey White and Hazel contrast beautifully with Hartlake Blue Wood Paint on the shed exterior.

Winter is the perfect time to clear out your shed and give it a makeover as you’ll be doing less jobs in the garden and hanging up your tools for the season. Clean out old pots, organise your seeds, oil and clean tools so they’re all ready and waiting for spring to arrive.

You don’t need to worry so much about the rain as you can just slap the paint on then close the door to keep it dry if any rain comes in. Shelves can be removed and painted inside the house or garage so it doesn’t matter if it’s pouring down outside.

We’ve put together a video showing you how this shed interior was transformed and with some great tips on painting translucent wood paint such as our Hazel that went on the shelves.


A tidy shed makes it so much easier to find what you need. Professional organiser, Charlotte, has a great Instagram account called Organised by Charlotte. She teamed up with us and Forest to decorate a new shed and create a fun yet practical interior to store bits and pieces for the whole family.

Using Goddess Green on the exterior and Cheddar Pink on the interior, along with some shelving and storage boxes, an enviable shed was created. She also shared some great tips on getting your shed interior organised that you can see in our Blog Shed Makeover with Organised by Charlotte

Style it Up

Some timber buildings companies offer add-on items such as staging which can be used to store lots of different items on from tools to pots. Potting benches, cheap shelving or old tables can also give you great spaces to work on and store bits and bobs neatly away.

Painting it with Wood Paint will not only protect the timber and make it last longer but makes it easier to clean and look a lot prettier too. When you’re painting interior wood items you only need 1 coat but 2 coats of wood paint will create a harder-wearing coating and a deeper, richer, more solid colour. You can also dilute Thorndown Wood Paint down by up to 50% water if you want to create a wood stain effect.

Lots of garden centres stock a selection of lovely storage items from timber crates to wicker baskets and traditional timber trugs. Using these ‘gardenalia’ items can help create stylish yet practical spaces with a place for everything.

Hanging garden tools on walls and doors helps to keep them dry and tidy, and free up more floor space. You can get wooden pegs with nails in them for fixing, or simple hooks from a DIY or hardware store, or simply bang a nail into the wood framing of a door or wall. More decorative hook rails can look great and if you’re feeling like taking on a project, they’re a really simple thing to make and decorate yourself.

These simple solutions can help create calm spaces that make entering them and working in them a pleasure, rather than a chaotic space to be avoided.

A big thank you to Forest Garden Products and their Creative Designer and Photographer, Sarah, who created these beautiful images of a shed interior makeover, using our Cow Parsley WhiteGoddess Green and Slade Green Wood Paints!

Chic Shedio

Stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill used Thorndown Wood Paint to decorate the exterior and interior of her home office, dubbed her ‘shedio’.

You can find out more about how she created this fabulous space that has been featured in Style at Home, by visiting her shed makeover page in our Projects – Sheds section.