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Seasonal Stencilling

Seasonal window painting is easy to do with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint and the seasonal Stencil Craft Packs make the job even easier!

Window glass can be used as a blank canvas for decorating your home to suit every occasion. Painting glass windows is easy and fun with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint. With 24 opaque colours and 14 translucent paints you can decorate windows for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas or any special occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Applying Glass Paint using stencils makes the job effective and easy, or you can just paint freehand straight onto window glass. If you make a mistake just wipe it off or let it dry and touch up by scraping errors off with a finger nail, end of your paint brush or anything else suitable at hand.

Valentine’s Day

Create a romantic scene on your windows and fill Valentine’s Day with love and flowers. Stencils were used to apply these designs with Glass Paint stippled on with a dabbing motion. Using less paint on your brush gives a less ‘blotchy’ finish.


Getting ready for the Easter Bunny has never been so easy with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint Easter Stencil Craft Pack. You can create Easter themed gift and craft items, and carry out Easter seasonal decorating on glass windows to create a scene.

Halloween Scenes

Halloween is a great time to decorate your home, creating a spooky scene for trick or treaters. These window scenes were made by painting Peelable Glass Paint straight onto the window, using stencils and cutting out shapes from poured and dried paint.

Stencils were used of pumpkins, skulls, bats and witches. The moon was painted on freehand using Witch White and when it had dried, Wizard Yellow, Griffin Gold and Ogre Orange was painted on top to add a spooky glow to the moon and clouds.

Other spooky shapes were created by pouring Peelable Glass Paint into a tray then mixing and swirling some of the colours together. This tray was left in a warm place to dry before placing cookie cutters on top then using a craft knife to cut out shapes. These spooky shapes could then be stuck onto a glass window, mirror and even a painted wall, being moved and used time and time again.

Christmas Glass Paint Scenes

Christmas is a magical time of year and windows throughout the home can be decorated with Peelable Glass Paint. There are so many lovely festive pictures and designs to use, and stencils again make decorating quick, easy and fun. Images of snowflakes, stars, angels, reindeer and Santa Claus can all be painted with Glass Paint to create some festive fun on windows and mirrors.