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'Love' Stencil Craft Pack

Peelable Glass Paint ‘Love Stencil Craft Pack’

For those romantic times of year there’s no better way to say “I love you” than with something made by you. The Love themed stencil craft pack makes love crafting easy with themed stencils for arts and crafts.

In the Love Stencil Craft Box are five romantic stencils with hearts, cupid, a single rose and LOVE. Use these stencils to decorate the windows of a greenhouse, She Shed or Man Cave, or in the home on a window or mirror.

You can use them to create tea light holders with old glass jars, vases, and treat jars filled with your loved-ones favourites.

Create a romantic scene at Valentine’s, on an anniversary, or just to say ‘I love you’.

The stencils are made from a durable 190gsm acetate material so you can use them time and time again for years and years.

Also included in the Love Box are 4 x 40ml craft tins of Peelable Glass Paint in Bath Cream, Dragon Red, Purple Puffin and Wispy Willow, and an art brush. Peelable Glass Paint is water-based and made from a 100% recycled plastic resin so is kind to the earth too. The coating is designed so it can be peeled off but is also very durable, so if you like your creation then leave it on and it will last for years.

Get Crafty with Love

Use the stencils to decorate lanterns or turn an old bottle into a decorative light with a bottle-top light string. Glasses can also be decorated for that romantic tipple and you can even wash them up without destroying the design – just don’t scrub the glass paint or put in a dishwasher!

Old jam jars were used to create the Valentine treat jars and the double heart designs painted on with Bath Cream and Dragon Red Peelable Glass Paint. The tea lights were made from one old glass jar and an old tea light holder with simple hearts painted on them with Bath Cream and Wispy Willow, and Dragon Red. The ‘tipple glasses’ were made from old candles. Once the candles had died the old remnants of wax were removed and after a thorough wash, hearts painted on with Bath Cream and Purple Puffin, and new tea lights put in, they were transformed for romance.

This old lantern was given a love makeover with Cupid painted on one side with Bath Cream Peelable Glass Paint, LOVE painted in Puffin Purple, the rose painted with Dragon Red and Wispy Willow and the heart on the front in Dragon Red – tres chic and romantique!

For these crafty projects I bought a selection of bath bomb moulds online and painted the hearts by hand with dots and hearts so I can hang them up for romantic decorations.

The bottle light was made using an empty decorative bottle that used to contain the deliciously tasty Ruby Cuby Vodka Liquer from Espensen Spirit. The shape of the bottles is beautifully elegant and the faces are quite flat with agents curve making them perfect for stencilling. I painted on the rose stencil with Dragon Red and Wispy Willow Peelable Glass Paint then popped a bottle top string of lights in it. Love the result!

An old water-stained vase was given a facelift with the rose stencil taking attention away from the damage and making it look pretty all year round. Filled with roses it’s perfect for a loving moment – or two.

The last project was a quick upcycle using an old black presentation gift box. Firstly I painted it with three coats of Bath Cream Wood Paint to lighten it up. On the plastic lid I painted Cupid in Purple Puffin and LOVE in Bath Cream to create a pretty gift box, filled with chocolate hearts and roses for that special someone.