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Painting Mini Greenhouse

There’s nothing quite like growing flowers and veg from seed and with a mini-greenhouse, you can get growing in small spaces. The Mini Greenhouse from Forest Garden Products is a great design and measures in at 144(h) x 120(w) x 62(d)cm, so you can easily fit it in. The price tag sits nicely too!

Painting your timber greenhouse with Thorndown Wood Paint will protect it from the weather giving you growing pleasure for many years. Although the timber is pressure-treated protecting it against rot, this treatment does not protect it from the weather so you need to paint it with a water-repellent coating to stop damage occuring.

You can also use colour to create a design feature complimenting your home and garden. There are 48 colours in our core colour range, and we can create an additional 1800 colours with our tinting machine from the RAL Classic and Design colour ranges. If you like the colour of your timber then we also make a UV Clear that will stop UV fade from the sun as well as the water-repellent protective coating you get from Thorndown Wood Paints.

Although one coat looks good we recommend painting two coats for proper exterior protection.


Most new timber products will have salt residue on them so give them a good scrub with a wire brush or light sand to remove as much as possible. Fresh knots will bleed so you can paint over with a water-based knotting agent, or just let nature take its course.

It is a lot easier to paint before assembly as it make it easier to reach all parts and you can paint every single side giving it a proper seal. Pick a nice dry day and get painting!


A lot of timber goes into making this Mini Greenhouse so you’ll need a 2.5 litre tin of Wood Paint for 2 coats. This will give you over half a litre spare so you can keep it for touch-ups or find something else that needs brightening up.

We chose Reed Green Wood Paint as it’s a lovely shade of green that compliments the garden it sits in and fresh growth within. We painted on a hot sunny day so by the time we’d finished painting a coat on one side, it was ready to start from the beginning, flip it over and paint a coat on the other side. I love the design and it’s a great new addition to the garden.

Now all I need to do is decide what colour Peelable Glass Paint to use for shading. Think it may have to be some Reed Green to match with Swan White on the panes in direct sunlight, with some pretty flower stencilling for part shading!