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painting fences

Thorndown Wood Paint is the perfect wood paint for fences being a high-performing water-based eco paint specifically designed for exterior use. With dark or strong colours you can get away with just one coat of paint!

Painting garden fences not only protects them from deterioration caused by the weather but can play a fundamental part in garden design. Small gardens can be made to look larger by painting boundary fences in a dark colour. Painting dark colours on fences can also help them disappear behind planting, giving the garden the illusion of extension and endless boundaries.

Fences only need one coat to protect them but you may want to put two coats on when using light colours like Wispy Willow, to give a solid colour coating. Coverage for Thorndown Wood Paint is high at 12m2 per litre per coat, but remember that most fencing is rough sawn and thirsty wood so coverage rates can be halved for the first coat.

Prep is simple. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry before painting. Using a power washer is a great way of blasting off dirt and algae. Our Wood Paint contains an algae inhibitor that helps to kill off and stop new algae growth. It’s encapsulated meaning it’s more effective, longer lasting and won’t leach off into the garden.

Designer Gardens

Landscape & Garden Designer Bob Richmond-Watson used this design trick beautifully in a West London garden design. He painted boundary fences with Bishop Blue wood paint creating a striking and elegant back-drop to rich planting.

The client wanted a space that would transport them away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With an emphasis on strong luxurious colours and rich textures the space needed to be low maintenance and high impact and to make the most of the south facing aspect. By painting the boundary fencing in a dark colour the garden was made to feel larger and in time climbers will cover the fences to further add to the illusion of space. Oversized reclaimed Yorkstone paving was set within gravel to create a path and terrace, while bespoke planters created space for textural planting enveloping the client in greenery and calm.

Amelia Bouquet Garden Design

This elegantly chic garden was created by Amelia Bouquet with a very clever mix of materials and colours that wonderfully compliment and add contrast to the planting.

Her use of RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey wood paint on the fencing has helped to create a larger space where the boundary disappears, whilst at the same time providing a cool and sharp background to lush green architectural foliage, and being a great neighbour to walls adorned with decorative mirrors.

A beautiful setting to both relax and entertain in!

Below demonstrates how Blackthorn Wood Paint has been used effectively in the garden to refresh old fencing, with the dark wood tone helping the fence and garden border to disappear behind the planting.

Fence Effects

When professional painter and decorator, Gareth McLaren moved into a new home, they wanted to move away from the grey fence that they had inherited. His wife had seen a bare fence and couldn’t get away from wanting that. That would have involved fitting a new fence, not something they wanted to do.

He had used our Meadowsweet Cream Wood Paint on a Logspan cabin and liked it so tried it on their fence. Ciara liked it but still preferred the bare wood effect.

With a good solid base coat of two coats of Meadowsweet Cream, he tried Ash over the top, applying just a light coat using a brush to give it the wood effect. One thing Gareth notes would be to make sure to finish each beam of wood completely before moving on to the next. This is particularly important if the sun is directly on the wood as it will dry quickly. Going over dried wood stain will make that section look darker.

Ciara loved the effect so he got to work on the rest of the fence.

Light Reflections

The fence panels below are in a very small garden space that is quite overlooked by buildings so the customer painted the fence panels in Greylake Wood Paint, bringing more light into the space to make it look fresher, brighter and larger.

The pretty grey blue tones of Greylake create a beautiful backdrop to the floral arrangements.


Or why not inject some colour into your garden space, bringing the jewel-like colours of the Mediterranean in as with the Goblin Blue and Yellow Rattle wood paint on the fence panels, or Blue Blue from the Somerset Heritage Colour Collection that provides a pretty and calming backdrop to apple blossom.

Love Your Garden Fence

The Love Your Garden team use colour wood paint a lot to define fence boundaries and provide the perfect backdrop for plants and flowers to shine.

From using Greymond Wood Paint on the fences to create a strong boundary and act as a clear contrast with Bishop Blue objects and the summerhouse to aid a visually impaired lady, to Whortleberry on the fences to give a strong vibrant Carribean influence and backdrop to tropical planting in another garden.

In Taunton the team painted the garden fences in Goddess Green to help the garden and boundaries disappear and blend into the countryside beyond, whilst in another, artist Jon Minshull created a stunning Capability Brown inspired landscape mural with Thorndown Wood Paint on fences for a tranquil place for people to escape to and relax in.

Whatever you do, create a space that suits you and brings a smile to your face every day, knowing that with Thorndown Wood Paint, the high-performing colour pigments will be singing strong for years.

You can download our simple guide to painting fences here Thorndown Fence Painting Guide