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Painting Windows

Decorate your windows with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint and turn your home into a party house, then peel away when the party’s over!

Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is made with a 100% recycled plastics resin, which gives the paint its unique peelable qualities. It’s water-based, non-toxic, low in odour and VOC and is made with VOC free exterior-grade colour pigments with a choice of 24 opaque and 14 translucent colours including a Clear for a frosted effect.

Painting Party Decorations with Peelable Glass Paint

Decorating for parties can be a costly affair and quite wasteful for the environment when you use balloons that can’t be recycled or biodegrade, and if let loose can cause harm to the environment and animals.

Instagrammer and renovations queen, Lucy Kemp @victoria_road_restoration wanted to decorate for her daughter’s birthday but without balloons and in a sustainable way. Lucy searched the internet for a glass paint and came across our Peelable Glass Paint. She loved the idea of the paint and contacted us to see if we wanted to collaborate on an Insta makeover. We also know each other through mutual friends and love her Insta account so were more than happy to send her a Rainbow Peelable Glass Paint Pack to play with. You get all the colours of the rainbow and can choose between 40ml craft tins or larger 150ml tins which go for miles and last years.


Lucy created a beautiful party scene by using crepe paper streamers leftover from a previous party, honeycomb paper ball decorations bought online, and painted a ‘balloon’ scene on her window wall in an amazing rainbow.

Get the Look

To get the perfect circle you can use stencils, either buying them online or if you have a stencil cutter like a Cricut machine, you can make your own.

Arrange the stencils on the glass and fix with a low tack tape like Frogtape, then apply the Peelable Glass Paint using a sponge. I use old bath or washing up sponges. Just wash them out after use and you can use them again and again for years!

Alternatively you could use circular plastic plates and bottles as a shape, place them against the glass (or mirror) where you want the circle to be, paint around the outside then remove your guide and fill in the circle with paint. You will see brush application marks doing it this way but experiment and turn the brush strokes into a decorative effect.

Sponge bubbles

Another alternative technique is just to apply the paint with an old circular sponge creating instant circles.

I used old plastic plates to pour some paint onto then dabbed an old circular bath sponge into the paint. You don’t need too much paint because you don’t want drips or smudges so I used another old sponge to pat the paint removing excess and spreading it on the surface.

Then just press the sponge against the window and repeat until you need to put some more paint on the sponge. It’s such a cheap, quick and easy way to decorate your windows for a cheerful, pretty party look. Don’t forget to wash your sponge out so you can keep on using it.

You even get pretty shapes and colours reflected onto the floor as the light passes through the glass paint. Viewed externally with no light passing through, the paint coating appears darker and more solid/opaque.

If you want a darker colour or more solid coating you can leave the paint to dry for at least 6 hours up to 24/48 hours in spring, autumn and winter, then apply a second coat.

You can paint Peelable Glass Paint on externally or internally and when you want to remove the paint, just peel it away. There are plenty of videos on our website showing peeling and Lucy @victoria_road_restoration shows peeling off her rainbow circles on her Instagram account. You can even return old coatings to the factory in Glastonbury for re-purposing.

There are also lots of other ideas for painting windows in our Projects – Window Decorating section, and a Blog on decorating for the Platinum Jubilee with how to paint bunting on windows and stencilling tips.

If you like the paint design then just leave it on as the colour pigments are exterior grade so will last for years, and the resin is very durable and water-repellent when dry so the coating will last for years and years.

Below is a short video showing how quick and easy it is to sponge on circles.

Play Video about Thorndown-Peelable-Glass-Paint-circles