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Platinum Jubilee Decorating with Peelable Glass Paint

Making decorations for the Platinum Jubilee is cheap and easy with Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint. You can paint your own bunting onto windows and reuse or repurpose old glass bottles and jars, saving them from the recycling box and transforming them into decorative household items, such as tea light holders.

Thorndown Peelable Glass Paint is water-based, non-toxic, low in odour and VOC, and is made with a 100% recycled plastics resin so it’s pretty good for the environment and cuts down on waste.

In the gallery above, some old glass jars have been painted with stencils and transformed into pretty tea light holders, ready for Platinum Jubilee celebrations. There’s a dragon painted in Dragon Red, Swan White unicorn and palace painted in Elf Blue. Dragon Red stripes were painted on an old glass jug so the party table would have jugs in red, white and blue.

On the windows I painted bunting flags in Dragon Red, Swan White and Elf Blue, using Zinc Grey for the bunting string and crown and palace stencils. You could use a triangle stencil for the bunting flags applying the paint with a brush, mini roller or sponge, or apply a tape such as FrogTape to mark out the lines of the triangle bunting. I went for the cheapest option and just painted on freehand.

When it came to the bunting stretch in the middle window, the first time I went off line and painted some flags too high. I could have followed the advice I gave to a customer and painted on the bunting string first so I had a line to follow, but I didn’t. However with Peelable Glass Paint it’s easy to fix mistakes. Either wipe the paint off straight away using a damp cloth, or leave it to dry, then scrape away messy or smudged areas with a finger nail or other object such as a teaspoon, or peel it off and start again.

I went for the peeling option as it’s a lot more fun. I left the paint to dry during the week so it had plenty of time to cure and form a film, then the next weekend I peeled it off, painted a bunting line in the right place, then painted on new flags. I also decided to paint a second coat on the dried flags as a second coat makes the colour richer and the coating more solid/opaque.

Peelable Glass Paint is designed originally as a greenhouse shading paint so it lets some light through. When light passes through it you can see application marks but when no light is passing through, such as when viewed externally, it is opaque/solid.

With the crown and palace stencil I used Zinc Grey Peelable Glass Paint and an old bathroom sponge to apply the paint. I overloaded the sponge a bit so paint seeped under the stencil and smudged, but I just left it to dry then tidied it up by scraping away paint from areas where it shouldn’t have been with my finger nail, the edge of a teaspoon and the end of an art paint brush, making the image far crisper and cleaner.

It was so much fun creating the window scene and tea light holders and now the perfect party scene is created for Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

You can buy Peelable Glass Paint in 40ml craft tins so it’s really cheap and a little paint goes a long way, enabling you to carry out lots of little painting projects. Below are some videos showing how quick and easy it was to paint these items.