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Painting a seaside retreat

Bishop Blue Wood Paint At Seaside Retreat

This beautiful seaside home sat on the top of a cliff overlooking the great expanse of the sea has been painted extensively in Bishop Blue wood paint.

Being right next to the sea it needed a high-performing wood paint like Thorndown’s to protect the exterior timber cladding, fencing and decking from the weather and the increased exposure from the sea with salty water and sea breezes hammering it on a regular basis.

The owners also used Thorndown Wood Paint to protect and paint all of the external plastic boxing.

Not only is Thorndown Wood Paint highly water-repellent and durable, the VOC free architectural exterior-grade colour pigments perform at the highest levels in weather resistance and lightfast tests so will stay true and strong for many years.

The Happy Customer Says;

“We were looking for a colour which would not only sit with the installed windows and doors, also that would be the right base colour for the rest of the cladding and fencing, to really give the entire property the sense of ‘It was meant to be this way’.

So, 4 other paints across two other suppliers (just weren’t cutting it), that’s when I found Thorndown, ordered 3 sample pots and fingers crossed.

When my builder and professional painter tried the samples, they were instantly ‘Where did you find this?, this is Great paint’. The Colour was an obvious hit for all of us, including the interior designer.

We ended up using it for the Cladding, Fencing, Exterior lights, Exterior Vent Cowls, Weather Proof Power boxes etc…

Great on the brush, sprays really well, very efficient coverage.

We even tried a test, where we watered it down, stained some cladding, lightly sanded it back and sat it with a crackle effect blue tile.

This was Really Cool, and was almost a feature wall leading into the kitchen, though in the end was going to be an expense too far.”

They also painted exterior decking in Thorndown UV Clear wood paint to protect the timbers against the harsh sea salt and weather. The UV blockers will also block UV from greying the decking, keeping it the original fresh timber tone.

The deck is the perfect spot to sink into a deckchair, relax and drink in the beautiful expanse of the sea and be refreshed by the salty breeze. As Thorndown Wood Paint is really water-repellent, high-performing, and uses architectural exterior-grade VOC free colour pigments, the lucky owner will be able to enjoy their seaside retreat for years to come without having to constantly grab a paint brush.

If you fancy relaxing in this idyllic spot then you can book it via AirBnB and admire the amazing paint work too!