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Painting Exterior Doors

Painting Thorndown Wood Paint On Exterior Doors

Thorndown Wood Paint is not only great for garden buildings but also works brilliantly on all wood around your home such as windows and doors.

Being really hard-wearing and water-repellent, it’s the perfect wood paint for exterior and interior wood doors. Just two coats gives your door all the protection it needs from the weather. We use architectural exterior-grade colour pigments in our water-based paints so you can also rest assured that the coating and colour will remain strong for up to 10 years, depending on levels of wear & tear and exposure.

There are 48 attractive colours in our core colour chart ranging from chic heritage tones to attractive modern colours. In addition to this we can also make over 1800 RAL Classic and Design colours!

Thorndown Wood Paint is really easy to use and prep is minimal. Here are some top tips on how to paint and protect your wood doors.


  1. You can overpaint old coatings. Sand back any loose coatings and fill cracks with a flexible filler such as caulk. Make sure it’s one that’s easy to overpaint with a water-based paint
  2. Clean the wood work with soapy water and leave to dry thoroughly
  3. No primer is required as the resin we use is self-priming. However if you are painting a metal or uPVC door then use a multi-purpose primer
  4. If you are painting a new wood door then you may want to use a stain-blocking primer or knotting agent to block any resin bleed or tannin staining the new paint coating. On darker colour paints tannin staining isn’t so noticeable
  5. Get your paint, roller or brush, cover ground and floor to protect from drips and you’re ready to go


  1. Use a paint roller, brush or sprayer and apply paint working methodically, painting with the grain. Paint up to neighbouring wet paint until you’ve finished
  2. Leave to dry for 1-2 hours before applying a second coat. If the weather is damp and cold then drying time can be longer
  3. Two coats is all you need for full weather protection. On lighter colours such as Swan White a third coat will increase the intensity and solidity of the colour coating
  4. Allow to dry for as long as you can before closing the door. Although the paint will be touch dry it will need hours to fully fix so leave it as long as possible – 12 hours on a warm day in the spring to autumn is ideal. If you close the door before the paint has fully fixed then you risk it sticking to the door frame
  5. Wash your utensils with water and sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done

Painting side panelling in a contrasting colour can make a grand entrance. Matching brass door furniture with a nice dark blue such as Bishop Blue really makes it stand out in an attractive partnership.

This front door was painted using Bishop Blue Wood Paint and Limestone on the surrounding door frame and wood panelling. With a little effort you can create a beautiful entrance to your home that will look great no matter what the weather brings!