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Thorndown Paint Colours

Colours help make this world an even more amazing place to live in, whether it be the beautiful and crazy colours in nature (think the jewel-like colours of the little Kingfisher or breath-taking multi-coloured Indian Giant Squirrel) or the colours we choose to surround ourselves in that affect our everyday mood and wellbeing.

Picking that perfect colour is a personal journey and when you discover that shade you’ve been searching for, you want it to stay like that as long as possible.


We use architectural exterior-grade VOC free colour pigments in our paints that are of the highest quality. They score at the top of the Blue Wool Test and Weather Resistance Tests. Read more about our brilliant colours here . . .


The Wood Paint and Peelable Glass Paint colour charts were carefully constructed to include primary building blocks, popular colours and unique shades for the home and garden. Follow this link to find out more about our colour charts, the printing process and to download or email us at to request a colour chart to be sent to you.


With our RAL tinting machine (that has a 99.9% accuracy level when colouring our paint) we can also make over 1800 RAL Classic and RAL Design colours, so you’re totally spoilt for choice when it comes to Wood Paint colours! Popular RAL colours are constantly being added to our online shop such as RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, although you can order any colour from within the Classic or Design ranges by selecting the RAL Classic Wood Paint or RAL Design Wood Paint option in the shop and following the order instructions. Visit our RAL Colours page to find out more about RAL and Thorndown.


Our paints are formulated so that they’re really easy to mix together within each range. Create endless shades of Wood Paint or Peelable Glass Paint with nothing more than something to mix your paint in, a tool to mix with, and your imagination. See more details and tips on the Create Your Own page.


Whilst fashions see tones and hues varying across the years, core colours such as blues, greens, and greys  remain firm favourites.

Here we review the best-selling colours across both paint ranges since the birth of Thorndown.