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Make Your Forever Advent Calendar

Rather than buying an advent calendar every year, why not make your own that you can use again and again.

We made our own Advent Calendar with plastic fillable baubles bought online from a craft shop, and painted them with Peelable Glass Paint. Each family member decorated 6 each, painting the number of the month on one side and decorating the other with a festive design.

When the paint was dry we filled each bauble with a chocolate, popped the sides together then strung them together and hung them across the kitchen window.

Peelable Glass Paint is made with a 100% recycled plastic resin, is water-based, non-toxic, low in odour and has virtually no VOC. It goes a long way so you can buy 40ml craft tins in every colour from the online shop.

If you make a mistake you can wipe the paint off while it’s wet and when it’s dry you can peel it off, so if you want to change the design you can create a brand new Advent calendar each year!

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