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Colour Choice and design

Choosing what colour to paint your shed or garden building in can be a difficult one. You’ve spent a lot of money on a building that has taken time to choose and you don’t want to paint it in a colour you regret.

This is where buying from and talking to experts like Taunton Sheds can make a massive difference. Liz and Stuart have been designing, making and selling a fantastic range of sheds and garden buildings for years. Their experience is second to none and their eye for design and colour can also help guide difficult decisions.

They stock a wide variety of Thorndown Wood Paint colours and can offer customers all 70 colours from our colour chart and all 1800 RAL Classic and Design colours. They selected Thorndown Wood Paint as they find it is easy to use and high-performing, offering great coverage and protection, making it the perfect timber shed paint.

Their display site has a great and wide selection of building designs with many of them painted for guidance and inspiration.

From elegant country styles with trims, frames and fascias painted in contrasting shades, to the more traditional designs of sheds and multi-functional buildings painted in traditional colours, they have it all!

Looking at other buildings or blocks of wood painted in the colour or colours you’re choosing between, can really help bring it alive and allow you to see what it will look like in the flesh (or wood).

Consider the location of your building, surrounding plants, other neighbouring colours, and lighting. Think about whether you want it to disappear into boundaries, be a statement piece, or something more elegant or traditional.

The final thing to remember is that a colour takes on a totally different life when it’s painted on a stretch measuring meters rather than centimetres. A large expanse of a colour can become too bright, too dark or too dominating. More tips on colour design can be found on our Project blog page Garden Design with Wood Paint Colours.

Painting the interior of your timber building can offer further protection and brighten it giving it a softer, or warmer look, depending on what colour you choose. Styling with furniture, art and lighting creates that perfect hideaway to escape and relax in.

A local school had their playground playhouse painted in Purple Divine and Adonis Blue Wood Paint, giving it a really fun and bright palette that just makes you want to play.

Colour can totally transform a building and convert it from something functional into something fun, so get creative, be brave, and go for something that will make you smile !