We are extremely excited and proud that Thorndown Wood Paint was selected for use in two Chelsea gardens!

When Manoj Malde approached us to supply our wood paint to his main avenue RHS garden, we immediately said yes please, and then Lynne Lambourne also asked us to supply wood paint to her garden for GARDENA and again it was an immediate yes, we’d love to.

We were lucky enough to visit Chelsea Flower Show to meet Manoj and Lynne and see their gardens up close and in the glorious sunshine.


Manoj Malde‘s main avenue garden was simply stunning. An incredible design that wove together colours masterfully from the bespoke Wood Paint colours we created for his palette (an ivory, orange, pink and aubergine), to the wonderful array of plants he selected, floral garlands designed by Simon Lycett, and items used for styling. The hard landscaping provided a soft and warm base layer that also made it wheelchair accessible, and the garden furniture, water features and painted oil drums all gave constant points of beauty to the eye and moments of rest.

Award-winning garden designer, writer, presenter, and RHS Ambassador, Manoj Malde’s design for the RHS and Eastern Eye Garden of Unity was a hit with the public constantly streaming through the garden, which was also the scene of the first wedding at Chelsea Flower Show for Manoj and his long-term partner Clive. Such a romantic way to get married 💕

You can order these bespoke Chelsea Wood Paint Colours direct from the factory by emailing or calling 01458 258588.


Lynne Lambourne‘s creation for GARDENA UK was stylish, elegant, and beautiful. You felt an immediate sense of peace and calm on the stand, surrounded by a very busy Chelsea crowd. It was also wheelchair accessible which was great for me as it was my first Chelsea as a wheelchair user.

A haven for nature and a great showcase for the EcoLine range that contains recylced plastic components (and a garden hose which is not only 95% recycled plastic but is also fully recyclable!!), Lynne incorporated bug hotels, pots and furniture made from recycled plastics, and a fantastic pergola made from old windows and timber painted in our Swan White Wood Paint. The timber cladding that formed the boundary of the garden was also painted in our Swan White creating a fresh and elegant framework to show off the watering systems that worked incredibly well to keep the fresh veg and herbs alive and thriving in a very hot and sunny spot! Not only was the design inspirational but it was also very inspiring to see such a large manufacturer so dedicated to the environment.

Lynne Lambourne

Designer & Brand Ambassador, Lynne Lambourne, returns to Chelsea Flower Show in a collaboration with GARDENA to highlight their EcoLine range that contains plastic components with a recycled content of at least 65%. Her garden design features materials at the forefront of innovative sustainable design and we are delighted to be included in her ‘tribe’ of sustainable brands.

The ethos behind Thorndown is also one of eco responsibility, sustainability, and doing the best possible for the environment with our paints and manufacturing processes. Thorndown Wood Paint was created with the latest technology using the best raw materials available for the environment, whilst still being high performing and doing the job it needs to do – that is to protect wood and help it to last a lifetime and beyond! It is water-based, low in odour and with minimal VOCs, containing VOC free exterior grade colour pigments and a blend of resins that contains a 100% recycled plastics resin. Our manufacturing processes are also designed with the environment in mind, using green energy, and with no waste going to landfill, everything is re-used, recycled or sent to a waste to energy processing plant. Our carbon footprint is also very low and we have been awarded our accreditation certificate for the Make It Net Zero program and should be a carbonneutral paint manufacturer this year. All of our packaging is fully recyclable or compostable and all of our raw materials are sourced as closely as possible to our factory in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Lynne is a strong campaigner and advocate for the environment, inspiring others to think and live in a sustainable manner, re-using, repairing and recycling. “Together we want to inspire all passionate gardeners to learn about sustainable gardening practices and how gardeners can take control of their gardens to help the climate crisis. It’s time our gardening practices helped the planet come from Climate crisis to Climate conscious.”

You can read all about Lynne and the thinking behind her Chelsea garden and the GARDENA EcoLine range by following this link to her website.

Manoj Malde

Award-winning garden designer, writer, presenter, and RHS Ambassador, designs the RHS and Eastern Eye Garden of Unity and we are extremely proud that he has selected to use Thorndown Wood Paint in his garden. Manoj’s colour palette is a celebration of his Indian heritage with an orange and pink inspired by the every day beauty of Indian culture from stunning sari colours to warm, rich spices. Sustainability is another key feature and as RHS Ambassador for Inclusivity and Diversity, his garden features design details such as “Bright posts positioned around the garden with sentences in braille, demonstrate that gardens and gardening are for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality or disability – a space to garden and be included with kindness and humanity is every person’s birthright.”

The factory worked for hours to create the wood paint colours imagined by Manoj to be painted on the wooden elements and contructs in his main avenue garden.

You can see pictures of their gardens from build to breakdown on their Instagram accounts @Manoj_Malde and @lynnelambourne and much more!