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Spraying Wood Furniture

Spraying Wood Furniture With Thorndown Wood Paint

Thorndown Wood Paint is a great choice for spray painting wooden furniture. There’s no need to dilute the paint as the consistency is perfect for going through sprayers leaving you with a wonderful finish.

It is specifically designed for exterior use and a blend of a high-performing resin and a 100% recycled plastics resin make it flexible, highly water-repellent, hard-wearing and easy to clean. All ingredients have been selected to be the best for you and the environment with no or virtually no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and the colour pigments are not only VOC free but perform at the highest levels of light resistance, so the colour you paint on will be the colour you see for many years to come.

There are 72 colours and a UV Clear in the colour range plus over 1800 RAL Classic and Design colours to choose from so you can find the perfect shade for you!

Being water-based it’s not only better for the environment than oil-based paints, but it’s easier to clean paint equipment and won’t give you a nasty headache.

When you’ve finished spraying just clean out the sprayer, nozzle, pipes, and all components with water and maybe a drop of detergent. Don’t leave paint to dry inside any component or it will be impossible to clean.

As Thorndown Wood Paint has virtually no VOC or odour, you won’t get a nasty headache from fumes and vapours which can leave you feeling ill and hang around for days or weeks after. Just paint, enjoy, and fall in love with your new piece of furniture!

Rocking Chair Makeover

This old rocking chair was on its way to the dump when it was saved as there was nothing structurally wrong with it. All it needed was a bit of love and wood paint to turn it into a beautiful piece.

Thorndown Wood Paint adheres really well to bare wood or previously painted surfaces so there’s normally no need for a primer. If you’re painting onto an oily hardwood, previous oil coating or lacquer then we would recommend using a primer to ensure a strong bond. On new softwood you can get tannin stains and resin bleeds coming through a paint coating. If you’re painting a dark colour then it’s less of an issue but if you’re painting a light colour then you may want to use our Stain Blocking Primer first to stop any discolouration of your paint colour coating. 

Painting spindles can be very time-consuming and tricky so we handed over the chair and a 750ml tin of Bullrush Green Wood Paint to a local professional spray company, Spraybox, and they turned it from beaten up to green and beautiful.

Martin from Spraybox has been a professional decorator for about 11 years and spraying for about 6. He had a passion for spraying as soon as he first tried it, absolutely loving the speed of it and the finishes you can achieve compared to more traditional techniques.

We didn’t want all of the chips and holes filled so it retained some of its old charm rather then looking brand new, but it still needed some work doing on it prior to painting.

Martin said “The original rocking chair was in a really poor condition. One of the arms had become loose, the seat had several cracks in it and most of the original paint was missing due to wear and tear. So we filled, glued and sanded where necessary – the more prep that goes in at the start of the project, the better the finish that can be achieved at the end. The chair was then hung and sprayed.

Spindles are always a pain to paint traditionally, whether it be on chairs or stairs etc. but with spraying that difficulty and time consuming element is eradicated.

With the Thorndown wood paint no primer was required, just a light sand in between coats and any secondary filling where required. I was honestly blown away by the paint and incredible finish we achieved, and have to say it’s one of the nicest paints I’ve sprayed with. There’s a great range of colours available and would highly recommend to anyone!”

Well we were blown away too and even more amazed that it only took 3 coats and 375ml of wood paint to make it look this good.

Spraybox can spray anything from candlestick holders to garden furniture, cast iron radiators and iron gates – you name it, they can spray it!

Whilst you can buy off-the-shelf equipment, they don’t perform as well as the very expensive professional kit, and it takes experience and talent to get a really good finish. So either have a go or hand it over to a professional who can transform your old furniture or kitchen cupboards into gorgeous pieces that look brand new for a fraction of the cost.

The rocking chair now sits peacefully on this landing with wonderful views to enjoy. Tree Lichen Wood Paint was used to overpaint old dark brown bannisters and spindles making them look fresh and elegant, whilst beautifully complimenting the Bullrush Green rocking chair and Meadowsweet Cream painted on the walls.