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Recycled Jam Jars

Simple Makes with Recycled Jam Jars

Recycling and repurposing jam jars into something beautiful is simple with Thorndown’s Peelable Glass Paint. Rather than throwing away or recycling jam jars, why not create something new that you can use around the house?

Easy crafty ideas can re-purpose a jam jar into a vase, plant pot, tea light holder, or tooth brush jar! Paint on Peelable Glass Paint with stencils , freehand, using masking tape to create stripes and lines, or let yourself go with a splatter design. I used an old cardboard box to catch splashes and flicked different Glass Paint colours with a variety of brushes onto a selection of glass jars, rotating the jars for even all round cover.

Glass Paint Splatter Jam Jars

Make a splash with this really easy technique. Find a large cardboard box, put some clean empty jam jars towards the back, load a paintbrush with Peelable Glass Paint and flick it at the jars. Turn the jars round and flick again then keep turning and flicking until the jar is covered. Add other colours or just keep to the one, let them dry, and you’re ready to use them as a vase, tea light holder or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Jam Jar makes with Peelable Glass Paint

Decorating jam jars is so simple and easy and a great way of repurposing and reusing. Using stencils is a great way of painting designs on and you can even wipe clean jars once the paint has dried.

Painting freehand designs is a really relaxing way to spend some time. If you make any mistakes it’s easy to correct mistakes by overpainting or removing, or just wipe the paint away and start again. Geometric designs are very effective and can be achieved easily by using tape such as Frogtape, to mark out shapes and designs then paint away.